DISH Media and Oracle Help Marketers Get the Most Out of Their TV Ads

By Marc Grabowski, GVP, Oracle AdvertisingJuly 7, 2021
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Not long-ago marketers delivered television ads based on programming or location, and measured the impact by the estimated number of viewers. It wasn’t an exact science. Everyone watching a television program saw the same ad, or at least everyone in the same geographic area did, and advertisers based campaign success on estimates, not real results.

Today, cable and satellite services, streaming services and connected TVs (CTV) are changing the game and, in the process, helping make television one of the most effective ways for marketers to engage with viewers. With these advanced television services, marketers can tap into valuable audience data insights for more targeted buying and accurate measurement.

To further enhance the ability for marketers to reach their desired target audiences, Oracle is announcing a new collaboration with DISH Media. Marketers can now send different ads to specific households through DISH TV and SLING TV using Oracle Advertising, with features enabling marketers to have more control in protecting personal information. For example, a marketer at an automaker could advertise a minivan to a household with young children, and a coupe to a household with a single adult. By combining a brand’s first-party data with third-party data sets from Oracle Audiences, powered by our proprietary Oracle ID Graph, marketers can now deliver more relevant and timely ads.

DISH Media’s collaboration with Oracle Advertising allows marketers to buy from hundreds of audience segments available, with the flexibility to incorporate their own data set for precise activation on DISH TV and SLING TV. DISH Media has strong match rates with the industry leading Oracle ID Graph and we are pleased to offer expanded targeting solutions for our clients.

Kemal Bokhari general manager, Data and Analytics at DISH Media

In addition to our collaboration with DISH Media, we’re also expanding Oracle Audiences segments to include over 110 new CTV-specific segments that will help marketers reach viewers based on over-the-top (OTT) streaming viewership and CTV device ownership. These new audience segments, which include viewing behaviors, demographics like age and marital status, and activities and interests, are available for activation across demand side platforms (DSPs) today.

Oracle Audiences, part of Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX), enables marketers to reach relevant audiences, maximize ad spend, and deliver more effective campaigns. With more than 50,000 audience segments, Oracle’s curated data assets span all verticals and data types, including purchase-based, online behavioral, demographic, and more. Marketers are then able to reach anonymized audiences most relevant to their business, wherever they’re engaged.

Underpinning Oracle’s audience data and modeling is the Oracle ID Graph, which enables marketers to unify disparate data sources, reach intended buyers, connect available identifiers, and attribute sales and conversions.

The ability to better target audiences and drive more measurable results is an exciting advancement in what has traditionally been an expensive and inconclusive investment. We’re excited to work with DISH Media to help marketers tap into valuable audience data insights to deliver more relevant and timely ads across television today.

To learn more about Oracle’s data activation offering or to activate digital audiences today, contact our Data Hotline.

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