NetSuite to Support Mount Robson Inn as it Expands its Business to New Heights

By Sam Levy, Senior Vice President Sales, Oracle NetSuiteAugust 4, 2022

Since 1973, three generations of the Gulevich family have owned and operated the iconic Mount Robson Inn in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The inn offers a unique mountain experience with the opportunity to explore the great outdoors as well as the Main Street in Jasper, Canada.

Due to the Mount Robson Inn’s success and to accommodate future enthusiasts and tourists, the Gulevich family also acquired the Mountaineer Lodge in 2012. The acquisition was a perfect fit as the Mountaineer Lodge also benefits from the stunning scenery. However, doubling the size of the business created operational challenges.


Accommodating a Simplified Business Experience for Owners with a Single View of their Financials

After listening to a podcast about it, the owners of the Mount Robson Inn decided to explore Oracle NetSuite. The Gulevich family selected NetSuite with Amplify Advisors as the implementation partner to give the business a scalable foundation for the future and to consolidate its financial data and automate processes.

“When we first bought Mountaineer Lodge, we had too many systems and too many spreadsheets. We didn’t have the organization to support it, which made it difficult to track performance and gain a clear view of our business,” said Chad Gulevich, general manager.

With NetSuite, the Gulevich family will be able to manage accounting, financial reporting, and planning and budgeting on a single system. This will help increase the speed and accuracy of business processes and help the family manage costs and improve visibility into cash flow. To further increase efficiencies, NetSuite will also help automate previously manual processes.


Exploring Future Acquisitions with NetSuite to Help Shape Operational Strategy and to Support Growth

The Gulevich family’s property portfolio continues to grow as they recently bought out their partners at the Best Western in Valemount, British Colombia. The family plans to integrate all three hotels into one company and says NetSuite will play an integral role in that process and in the financial and operational management of the new company.

“The larger your business grows, the more data you get, the more chance for a mistake. Coming from a family business, we know what we want to see and how we would like to see it, but do not have all the resources. Bringing it all back to one database that we can accomplish our financial reporting, our inventory reporting, our variance reporting, our analysis and KPI. It just makes sense to have one platform property by property being able to scale it. That’s why we went with NetSuite.” said Gulevich.

As the Gulevich family continues to streamline its operations, the increased insight and control that NetSuite provides opens the door to new acquisitions in the future. Company stakeholders are looking forward to real-time financial data and the business from a single dashboard. This helps them better forecast revenue and understand their customers, so they can deliver increasingly better customer experiences.

“We will continue to look at opportunities to acquire more hotels and we want to use NetSuite to complement and enhance our secret formula for successfully running resort-style properties in really great locations,” said Gulevich. “Often, these opportunities present themselves unexpectedly. By having a system with defined processes in place, we have the confidence to act quickly and decisively.”