Please Join Me at Oracle CloudWorld, Oct 17-20 in Las Vegas

By Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX)September 19, 2022

Our annual customer event is a little over a month away. We’ve put together a terrific agenda to share our vision for the future of customer experience (CX) and our market leading suite of products.

The CX market has been ripe with innovation for the past decade but it has become...messy. In the quest to bring all the amazing, timely and most innovative tools to our customers, the CX industry has added unintentional complexity across the enterprise. CX professionals are spending too much time solving application integration and data model alignment across departments when they could be solving their customer’s problems.

We have listened to our customers and analyzed product utilization across the enterprise to identify the key processes and tools where customers gain the most value for their businesses. We are committed to preparing CX professionals for the next generation of customer experience innovation and ensuring they continue to innovate and lead on behalf of their customers.

I believe the CX space requires massive simplification to support the myriad business model transformations and convergences that our customers are planning. We have architected our Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience suite to enable enterprise professionals to connect the right parts of the back-office to the front office. We can now connect whole enterprise to their customers to help ensure success. Firms that adopt modern industry flows that cut across departmental boundaries are leaders in this journey. Fragmented apps stand in the way of foundational, cross-cutting industry flows—they take too long to string together and cannot be easily reused to accommodate shifts within industry landscapes. A more unified approach helps our customers leverage synergies between industries (e.g. as banks become software companies, etc.) and gain more rapid advances with technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

I’m excited to share these innovations with you at Oracle CloudWorld next month.  We have an ambitious agenda for Sales and Service professionals you can see here. Highlights for me include supporting growth initiatives through revenue transformation, next-generation digital sales skills and innovations in field service accelerated by the pandemic. We also hosting a Marketing Summit you can see here that will highlight our Markie Aware winners and offer deep dives on ‘Madtech,’ customer data platforms and marketing career management. It will also be wonderful to see many of you again in person for what might be the first time this decade!

Please join me! You can register here.