New Connected TV Capabilities Within Oracle Moat Help Advertisers Measure Reach and Frequency Across Campaigns

By Mark Kopera, head of product, Moat, Oracle AdvertisingNovember 17, 2021

From Formula 1 and the Premier League to This is Us and The Masked Singer, Americans are spending an estimated 20+ hours per week watching and streaming their favorite shows—and it’s giving advertisers a massive opportunity. As consumer behavior continues to shift from traditional linear TV (i.e. cable) to multi-device and on-demand viewing (i.e. connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) media), advertisers are doubling down on CTV and OTT ad spend.

To help advertisers effectively measure ad performance across their media investments, Oracle Moat has added new capabilities to its cross-channel audience measurement offering. With CTV now included in Oracle Moat Reach, advertisers can better understand which audience segments an ad campaign reached and which platforms and media partners delivered those audiences most efficiently across digital, linear TV, and CTV. Insight into these critical metrics enables advertisers to make more informed decisions about their campaigns, which results in increased efficiency of ad spend, and ultimately increased ROI.

According to eMarketer, U.S. CTV ad spend will total $11.36 billion this year and increase to $18.29 billion by 2024—more than double the amount spent in 2020. With more money being spent on CTV and OTT advertising than ever before, it’s important that advertisers are able to effectively execute a CTV strategy and measure ad performance in concert with their other media investments.

Executing an omnichannel campaign is no easy feat in today’s complex media landscape that spans mobile, desktop, linear TV, and an ever-growing list of CTV streaming services. Capturing critical media metrics, such as ad viewability, invalid traffic, audiences reached, and cross-channel reach and frequency, can become more difficult when CTV enters the mix. Without insight into these metrics, advertisers struggle to quantify the total number of consumers reached and run the risk of oversaturating their target audience with messaging, missing their campaign reach goals, or serving ads to irrelevant audiences.

With Oracle Moat’s new CTV capabilities, advertisers can now:

  • Verify how different platforms and media partners are delivering ads to audiences with simple, single-screen reporting
  • Optimize video campaigns to achieve audience reach and frequency goals
  • Identify if and how cross-channel campaigns are reaching new audiences
  • Save time by easily adding measurement pixels to creative assets across all channels and formats
  • Measure and analyze with data pre-filtered for Invalid Traffic (IVT) and viewability
  • See how campaign results stack up to the Oracle Moat CTV benchmarks

Oracle Moat Reach provides a holistic picture of cross-channel campaign performance that advertisers can use to optimize campaigns and budgets. With the right tools in place, advertisers can reap the benefits of CTV and have confidence that their ad spend won’t be wasted.

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