NetSuite Accelerator Celebrates One Year, Five Partners, and 22 Members

By George Ploss, Global Director of NetSuite Accelerator—Feb 14, 2023

One year ago, we launched NetSuite Accelerator to encourage diversity in entrepreneurship and I am proud to say we have made remarkable progress in the last 12 months.

The program initially had one incubator partner in Austin, Texas and focused on helping the Black business community. To extend the reach of NetSuite Accelerator, we partnered with four more organizations across the United States that share our goal in helping founders and leaders from diverse communities build successful and sustainable businesses.

Since then, we have had 22 organizations join the NetSuite Accelerator program with founders and leaders who represent many diverse communities—women, Black, LGBTQ, Asian, Veteran, LatinX, and people with disabilities.

To further help founders and leaders realize their vision over the past year, we have:

  • Conducted interactive learning workshops that teach NetSuite Accelerator program members how to demonstrate the value of their business to potential investors, employees, and customers. One such event we are hosting on February 15, where we are bringing together our network of venture capital and private equity partners with accelerator members from across the country to discuss business and funding goals for 2023.
  • Started and completed several NetSuite ERP implementations with Accelerator members so they can achieve the kind of sustainable growth that only comes from having true visibility and control over their businesses.
  • Connected Accelerator members with NetSuite employees for expert advice and support around topics like NetSuite dashboards, marketing and more.

The resources, processes, best practices, guidance, and technology that the NetSuite Accelerator program provides to our members have already made a tremendous difference to their businesses. I look forward to continuing the grow the NetSuite Accelerator program to help even more founders and leaders build successful and sustainable businesses for years to come. 


Members Go Full Throttle with NetSuite Accelerator to Achieve Their Vision

“Atease was founded to ease the frustration of military and civilian government families needing to relocate and stay in government approved short-term lodging. With a target audience 133 million people, we needed a resource and business system that could help us scale atease quickly. We also needed to ensure our company met the government’s stringent requirements,” said retired U. S. Marine Corps Major Anthony Gantt, founder of atease. “That’s why I was excited to join the NetSuite Accelerator program and get started with NetSuite. For those servicing our great nation, military and civilian, atease is going to, “change how you move.”

“At Allosense, we are on a mission to help companies improve operations, industrial manufacturing, and decision making through the use of smart sensors and measurement systems,” said Roman Sandoval, founder of Allosense. “Demand for our offerings has grown exponentially, and the basic functionality of our existing accounting software did not meet our needs. By becoming a member of the NetSuite Accelerator, we are now able to take advantage of NetSuite to improve our inventory management and streamline our operations. NetSuite will be instrumental to growing our business.”

“Our commitment to investing in our community’s youth was the foundation BLK & Bold was built on,” said Pernell Cezar, Co-founder of BLK & Bold. “As a growing business, being a part of a mission-driven program like NetSuite Accelerator allows us to learn how to build for the long-term success of our business. The more we engage with the NetSuite Accelerator team, the more excited we are about the support it provides to BLK & Bold.”

“Joining the SuiteWorld 2022 stage to introduce Chipper, a fintech startup empowering student loan borrowers to tackle their debt faster, was a great opportunity and milestone experience for our company,” said Tony Aguilar, founder and CEO, Chipper. “By winning the pitch competition, Chipper became part of the NetSuite Accelerator program, gaining access to NetSuite’s ERP cloud platform. We’re thrilled to partner with NetSuite as we streamline day-to-day business processes and continue to scale the Chipper app to help millions of student loan borrowers.”

The Guilty Grape
“We started The Guilty Grape in 2020 to serve the ‘New American Wine Drinker’—people of color and millennials who don’t fit the stereotypical wine consumer and have been ignored in this industry for too long. We know that feeling as a Black-owned, female-led business,” said Nicole Nichols, co-founder, The Guilty Grape. “It was a no brainer for us to choose NetSuite as it not only gives us the ability and data to adapt as our business changes but also gives us the chance to partner with a team that also recognizes the value that diverse founders and leaders bring to communities and industries. By leveraging the support given as a part of NetSuite Accelerator, we can revolutionize the culture of the wine world and succeed in our mission to bring more Black and female representation to our industry.”

Learn more about NetSuite Accelerator here.