NetSuite Helps Partners Develop Consulting Talent with SuiteLife Campus Initiative

By Craig West—May 5, 2022

As the fight for talent gets fiercer, businesses across all industries are challenged to find, hire, develop, and retain talent. This is especially noticeable in the software industry and as NetSuite grows its customer base, we are seeing demand for NetSuite expertise and qualified consultants at an all-time high. To help our partners who often don’t have the time, infrastructure, or capacity to train new talent—as well as support a broad NetSuite partner ecosystem to give our customers greater choice—we are introducing SuiteLife Campus.

SuiteLife Campus is a talent development initiative that helps our partners expand their teams by offering accelerated training to new college graduates or career change candidates to create a stronger, more diverse ecosystem of NetSuite consultants. The initiative energizes students’ career trajectories within the NetSuite ecosystem and helps our partners reduce costs and realize faster ROI on new hires


Accelerating Talent Development

NetSuite’s SuiteLife Campus curriculum is designed to deliver comprehensive accelerated learning so that successful graduates can transition quickly into co-lead roles on client projects. Participants will gain the foundational skills required to be a successful consultant while learning about NetSuite in a collaborative environment. Intended for recent graduates or career re-entrants with less than two years of experience, the six-week instructor-led course uses gamification, workshops, and hands-on case studies to teach students:

  • Business Knowledge and Acumen: Students will gain business and industry fundamentals such as basic accounting principles and best practice approaches to KPIs.
  • Consulting Skills: Students will develop soft skills to enhance client service expertise including presentation and conflict resolution that embody professionalism and help manage client relationships.
  • Product Knowledge: Students will learn NetSuite product functionality, features, migration techniques, and configuration.
  • SuiteSuccess Methodology: Students will gain foundational knowledge of NetSuite deployment methodology that helps optimize our customers’ implementations so they can realize the benefits of NetSuite faster.

The First ERP Vendor to Extend Campus Training to its Partner Community

SuiteLife Campus builds off NetSuite’s SuiteLife partner enablement program as well as NetSuite’s own proven internal campus associate curriculum, which has developed thousands of associate consultants worldwide. Our wholistic approach to developing candidates helps partners grow strong talent pipelines with NetSuite’s proven campus-to-consultant model.

SuiteLife Campus class sessions are now available in North America and Europe and will be extended to other regions in the coming year. The six-week course costs US$4,000 (approximately £3100 / €3500) per student. Learn more about SuiteLife Campus here and listen to our podcast with NetSuite Director of Global Partner Engagement and Education, Chris Hering.


Partner Testimonials

Sikich, Colleen McCaughey, Director of Professional Services - NetSuite

“NetSuite’s SuiteLife Campus has transformed our onboarding process.  Sikich is now able to focus on our best practices and methodologies while leaving the heavy lifting to the educators at NetSuite. Our consultants return from the program ready to take on aspects of the implementation process, with the direction of our team leads and we have been able to shorten the entire process from point of hire to billing on client projects by 50%. SuiteLife Campus is a game changer in our current world of resource shortages and allows our team to continue to provide exceptional client service while maintaining our high standards in educating new consultants.”

Eide Bailly, Shaylee Olson, Director of NetSuite Implementation Delivery

“Eide Bailly is leveraging NetSuite’s SuiteLife Campus initiative to optimize the onboarding and training for hires without experience in NetSuite. By building SuiteLife Campus into our onboarding plans, we can ensure a consistent training on NetSuite which allows our team to focus their efforts on improving our methodologies and consulting skills. The results of SuiteLife Campus are just starting to be realized. We expect it to be an effective tool in growing our hiring pipeline, and in developing a consultant that embodies the Eide Bailly standards.”

RSM, Heidi Megna, Principal, NetSuite Practice

“The addition of NetSuite’s SuiteLife Campus initiative into our campus onboarding curriculum is providing the rigorous steps required to train our top talent, while unburdening RSM internal teams so they can focus on other strategic projects. SuiteLife Campus provides all the needed product information that allows our team to be trained quicker and more consistently, so we have great consultants out of the gate. This accelerated training will get knowledgeable and energized resources into client projects quicker, which will make our customer experience better. A win-win for everyone!”