New Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics Capabilities Expand Financial Insights

By Colleen Baumbach, group vice president, Applications DevelopmentNovember 2, 2021

The past 18 months put pressure on finance leaders to answer key questions and gather insight from across different lines of business faster than ever before. For large organizations, getting rapid, accurate visibility across the business is often time-consuming and difficult, requiring huge data gathering and analysis exercises—often done manually with spreadsheets. This cumbersome process can’t meet the real-time demands of today’s business environment and often leaves organizations with outdated information and different sources of truth, and can even create more questions than answers.

That is why I’m so excited to announce new capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Analytics. Built on Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics delivers the insights needed to quickly analyze working capital and procurement, payment performance, revenue, and profitability.

ERP Project Costing

The latest updates to Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics enable finance and operations leaders to gain greater visibility into costs and assets and accelerate decision-making. The new pre-built analytics expand on the array of key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and dashboards that help customers get started from day one, without coding, integration, or data expertise, allowing them to:

  • Improve Understanding of Project Cost and Commitments: Finance and operations leaders can improve their understanding of historic and current costs (burdened cost and raw cost) including inception-to-date and year-to-date comparisons across projects, tasks, organizations, resources, and suppliers. In addition, customers can analyze all accounted project cost distributions by general ledger (GL) account.
  • Accurately Track Fixed Assets: Finance and operations leaders can analyze fixed asset details, asset health, and lifecycle at the asset book level, with associated attribute details and key performance metrics. This enables finance teams to more accurately track total asset value and depreciation to improve financial forecasts, reduce asset-related costs, and drive further business efficiency.
  • Understand and Optimize Spend: Finance and operations leaders can understand the enterprise spend across all business units including direct, indirect, and service expenses to unearth new opportunities to accomplish sourcing goals. Employee expense analytics provide a comprehensive view of the top expense categories along with insights into audit and compliance aspects, helping drive better governance.
  • Improve Procurement and Supplier Performance: Finance and operations leaders can gain a holistic view of procurement and supplier performance across the entire organization. Procurement analytics help identify root cause for source-to-settle process issues, including cycle times, and enable users to view key procurement metrics within a single dashboard—without complex data integration.

With embedded machine learning, Oracle Fusion Analytics automates the tedious, time-consuming, error-prone, and less secure data processes required for line-of-business and cross-functional business analyses. It enables rapid, self-service access to performance results, trends, and predictions, reducing the time spent gathering and validating data so organizations can spend more time working out next steps.

In addition, Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse provides cross-functional analytics with a single, extensible data model and unmatched integration with Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications for finance, supply chain, human resources, and customer experience. For example, analyzing data across finance and HR enables customers to see revenue and profit per employee, travel and expenses by department, or the impact of employee attrition on payroll. With insights into finance and operations, customers can easily see inventory turnover rate and the impact of on-time shipments on profitability.

Here’s what some of our customers are saying about Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics:

“We are going to deliver a view into the quarterly results for the first time using Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics in a way that will be really compelling and will provide executives with a quicker view into reality.” – Norman Frey, SVP, Chief Accounting Office, TrueBlue

“One of the metrics that we track is how quickly after the month closes can we get our client their statements, and so we’ve been able to get close to a 15% improvement in how quickly we get their clients their information.” – Mark Dennen, CFO, Solairus

We are continually expanding the capabilities of Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics to help our customers gain greater business insights that enable them to see what’s coming next, make better recommendations, and accelerate decision making as their businesses grow.

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