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IDC scored Oracle Cloud Infrastructure high on customer satisfaction

By Barbara Darrow, Senior Director, Communications, Oracle—Sep 16, 2020
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has made tremendous progress this year. Big customer wins from companies including 8x8, Naveego, Phenix and Zoom show that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is providing services that businesses trust to better serve their own customers.

These advances are getting noticed. For example, Oracle earned the best customer satisfaction score among all the major IaaS providers in an annual survey conducted by a leading analyst firm.

In the 2020 Industry CloudPath survey that IDC recently released where it surveyed 935 IaaS customers on their satisfaction with top IaaS vendors including Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM, Google Cloud, Oracle IaaS (OCI) has received the highest satisfaction score and the biggest year-over-year score increase of all IaaS vendors. In addition, 86% of those surveyed said they expect their spend on Oracle IaaS (OCI) to increase in the future.

Other recent research also shows Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has the highest percentage of year-over-year improvement compared to other cloud competitors.

But cloud success lies not just in the actual deliverables themselves: Oracle also prices key cloud services competitively across compute, storage, networking, and data egress compared to other cloud providers.

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, for example, data egress can cost 80% less than another leading cloud provider for customers needing to move their data around.

Often, these egress charges—which apply to data sent from a given cloud to another cloud or to a corporate data center—can lead to unpleasant surprises on a customer’s cloud bill. Oracle specifically aimed to make pricing clear and predictable, to eliminate those cases of sticker shock.

Oracle provides flexible, modern cloud infrastructure that scales up (or down) quickly to meet customers’ sometimes fast-fluctuating demands. And its super-fast networking makes data transfer and other tasks seamless and smooth, not only for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers, but for its customers’ customers. This is especially important when the customer needs to send a lot of data—sometimes in the form of real-time video—to its clientele as is the case with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers 8x8, Phenix and Zoom.

“We recently experienced the most significant growth our business has ever seen, requiring massive increases in our service capacity. We explored multiple platforms, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was instrumental in helping us quickly scale our capacity and meet the needs of our new users,” said Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan. “We chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure because of its industry-leading security, outstanding performance, and exceptional level of support.”

Phenix agreed that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure filled the bill.

“Most streaming providers today don’t deliver an optimal user experience due to rebuffering, latency, and audience drift. We rely on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for rapid scalability when an event suddenly gains thousands of new viewers. Phenix enables users to watch real-time content synchronously regardless of the device, operating system, or network connection quality,” said Dr. Stefan Birrer, Chief Software Architect and co-founder of Phenix. “The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform meets our challenging requirements of performance and scale, has increased the efficiency of workloads up to 40 percent and decreased networking costs by 70 percent. This allows us to pass significant savings on to our customers.”

8x8 also tapped Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to meet growing demand.

“We’re incredibly proud to help businesses, organizations, educators, and health professionals stay connected during this challenging time. As global demand on our video meetings platform grew exponentially, we needed a partner to scale rapidly and cost-effectively with us,” said Vik Verma, CEO, 8x8. “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides industry-leading security, global reach and an unmatched level of support combined with exceptional price and performance that we need now and in the future. The added benefit of a strong go-to-market opportunity on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace was also a key differentiator for this partnership.”

In addition to cost benefits and price predictability, Oracle also gives customers the freedom to deploy their cloud services on Oracle’s public cloud or on-premises using all the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services they want and need.

“Over the past six years, Oracle has devoted itself to building a modern, second generation cloud infrastructure that suits both the complicated database and business applications that have long made up Oracle’s customer base but also a totally new set of applications from companies like 8x8, Zoom and Phenix, which require ultra-fast delivery of interactive video to their customers all over the world,” said Ross Brown, vice president, GTM, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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