Oracle Expands Fusion Cloud HCM Analytics to Enhance Workforce Insights

By Yvette Cameron, SVP of global product strategy, Oracle Cloud HCMNovember 2, 2021

More people voluntarily quit their jobs in August 2021 than any other month in the last 10 years, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting. In addition, our recent AI@Work study found that 85 percent of workers worldwide are not satisfied with their employers’ support for their careers and 83 percent are ready to make a change.

The “Great Resignation” is real, and HR leaders are facing big challenges trying to attract new workers, retain top talent, and forecast workforce needs. To address these challenges, HR and business leaders need to better understand their blind spots and be able to leverage actionable insights to keep employees engaged, happy, and growing.

That is why I’m so excited to announce new capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) Analytics. Built on Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics delivers the insights HR organizations need to understand workforce diversity, mitigate employee attrition, optimize recruiting efforts, predict employee retention trends, manage compensation ratios, and analyze data in support of other essential activities.

With the latest updates to Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics, HR leaders can quickly access the workforce insights they need to attract, retain and develop talent, and ultimately become the employer of choice. The new pre-built analytics expand on the array of KPIs, metrics, and dashboards that help customers get started from day one, without coding, integration, or data expertise, allowing them to:

  • Better Manage Mobility and Performance: HR leaders can keep talent engaged by identifying which employees are ready for their next career move, what roles are of greatest interest, and how to help employees achieve their goals. In addition, HR leaders can leverage deeper insights into what activities are keeping their people engaged, how that is connected to higher retention, and the types of goals correlated to highest performance outcomes.
  • Recruit, Reward and Retain Highest Performers: HR leaders can compare compensation to other key data such as payroll, financial growth, and employee performance. This enables organizations to optimize the cost of their workforce, appropriately reward high performers, and maximize employee retention. In addition, access to comprehensive recruiting insights allows organizations to leverage Oracle Recruiting Cloud and improve hiring strategies to build top performing teams.
  • Identify Skills Gaps and Help Employees Grow: HR leaders can better understand the skills within their workforce. This allows them to identify internal and external candidates with the right capabilities for new roles, see areas they need to hire for, or help employees develop specific skills. These insights expand on the capabilities within Oracle Dynamic Skills and help organizations develop, execute, and improve their talent strategy.  

Conversational Insights on any Device

And the best part is that Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics is easy to use, without needing to know how to run a report, which fields have the necessary information, or how to prepare and model data. HR and business leaders can access analytics by voice on any device. For example, saying “show me my headcount by location on a map” creates a visual answer for them immediately on their phone or computer. See it in action here.

With embedded machine learning, Oracle Fusion Analytics automates the tedious, time consuming, error prone and unsecure data processes required for line-of-business and cross-functional business analyses. It enables rapid, self-service access to performance results, trends, and predictions, reducing the time spent gathering and validating data, freeing organizations to focus on making decisions and taking actions that move their business forward.

In addition, the Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse provides cross-functional analytics with a single extensible data model, and unmatched integration with Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications for finance, supply chain, and human resources. Analyzing data across finance and HR enables customers to see revenue and profit per employee, travel and expenses by department, and the impact of employee attrition on margins, empowering HR leaders to answer long-standing questions and quickly adapt to change.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics:

“Healthcare is a very, very competitive industry. Rather than relying on anecdotes, we need to look at the data to see what the issues are. Having the right analytics is part of what being a good HR business partner is about—making sure that when we present a solution, we’re actually solving the problem.” – John Galley, SVP and CHRO, UPMC

“The biggest thing we’ve learned is to trust the system, to believe the system as best practice. Oracle has brought clarity and transparency to the HR functions, and once put into play, it began to change behaviors.” – Andrew Dennan, Head of HR Shared Services, Synlait

Our customers are always at the core of our innovation, and we are committed to helping them navigate workforce challenges so they can better attract, retain, and develop talent—whether it is the “Great Resignation” or other challenges that lie ahead.

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