Oracle Helps HR Teams at Mid-size Enterprises Accelerate Time to Value

By Yvette Cameron, senior vice president, global product strategy, Oracle Cloud HCM and Laura-Elizabeth Ware, senior vice president, application sales, Oracle Cloud HCMOctober 10, 2023

Nearly every facet of work is undergoing rapid change. These changes present challenges for organizations of all sizes but can be particularly daunting for mid-size enterprises as they often struggle to find cost-effective HR tools that allow them to quickly respond to change, minimize complexity, and scale HR processes as they grow.

To help these organizations attract, empower, and retain the best employees and successfully navigate the constant change that defines today’s workplace—we’re excited to introduce Oracle HCM Now.

Oracle HCM Now provides a prescriptive yet flexible implementation approach to adopting Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), enabling mid-size enterprises with up to 15,000 employees to reduce implementation costs and complexity, while rapidly gaining access to the key capabilities they require as their business needs shift. As a result, these organizations can:

  • Accelerate time-to-value: An accelerated implementation model, paired with fixed-fee implementation packages from specialized Oracle partners, enables mid-size enterprises to increase their speed to value while rapidly adopting the capabilities that are tied to their immediate business success. This allows them to get started with a simple first step and then add capabilities in a cost-effective and agile fashion, at the pace required by their business.
  • Adopt new capabilities quickly and easily: A flexible implementation model and the breadth of Oracle Cloud HCM enables mid-size enterprises to rapidly adopt the capabilities they need without third-party solutions and integrations that might impact accuracy and hamper the employee experience. This empowers them to quickly adapt to industry changes and better manage the evolving needs of their business.
  • Minimize implementation costs: The new implementation model helps mid-size enterprises get rid of the compounding complexities of disparate solutions and integrations. This helps them achieve greater cost savings and operational efficiency as they adopt more capabilities from a unified, complete HCM suite.

Here’s what industry analyst Quincy Valencia, vice president and research director, human capital management technology at Ventana Research, had to say about Oracle HCM Now:

“Oracle HCM Now addresses a significant gap in the market by offering mid-size enterprises a unique opportunity to readily tap into the capabilities of a comprehensive HCM suite and employee experience platform to support their growth. Having access to a broad and unified HCM solution set and a swift implementation approach enables mid-size enterprises to quickly respond to changing business needs and achieve faster time to value.”

No one knows exactly what the future of work has in store, but however it turns out, we are committed to helping organizations of all sizes refine what best looks like for their people. With our new Oracle HCM Now program, HR teams at mid-size enterprises can quickly and easily implement the capabilities they need to support their changing business needs, and deliver a compelling employee experience that attracts, empowers, and retains the people that power their growth and success.

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