Moat Reach Adds In-Depth Attention Metrics with TVision Panel

By Kevin Whitcher, VP of New Product Development, Oracle Data Cloud—Sep 30, 2020

If you’re like me, you’re spending a lot more time in front of the TV these days, flipping among traditional broadcast, cable, and streaming options, all while multitasking on a range of digital devices.

With all those touchpoints, you’d think that advertisers and publishers would be happily crunching the data on whom they can reach better on OTT and who pays attention across different time slots, channels, and devices, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

For cross-platform media, measuring audience reach across TV and digital channels has historically been disjointed and inaccurate—making it nearly impossible to understand and compare person-based reach and attention across TV and digital channels.

That was the challenge we set out to solve by building Moat Reach: real-time audience measurement across digital and TV advertising. Today we’re delighted to announce another big step toward that goal.

Through a new collaboration with TVision, Moat Reach now can provide greater transparency and insights around attention by combining Moat Analytics digital attention metrics with TV attention scoring from TVision. TVision’s metrics use privacy-safe, automated, cutting-edge technology from a 100% opt-in panel to measure observed audience presence and attention to TV advertising.

Moat Reach Adds In-Depth Attention Metrics with TVision Panel

With the added power of TVision, Moat Reach offers a first-to-market solution that allows advertisers to understand how many people are in the room (if any!), whether they are co-viewing, and how much attention is being captured. Marketers can use those insights to better understand how much of their cross-platform ad spend is reaching the right audience with an impression they actually see to iterate and optimize in the future.

This is a first, but vitally important, step to allowing TV and digital media to be compared on a level playing field, making sure that marketers know that “Reach” really means “reached”, whether the ad played to an empty room or to a room full of friends.

“We are excited to work with Moat Reach to combine our person-level, second-by-second TV attention data with their digital attention metrics. Attention is the most valuable resource to measure campaign engagement, and Moat Reach, with TVision data, allows brands and advertisers to drive the most value from their ad budgets,” said Yan Liu, CEO and co-founder of TVision.

Working together, Moat Reach and TVision are cutting through the cross-channel confusion to better measure results at the person-by-person, second-by-second level that helps marketers understand whether people truly saw their ad across TV and digital. Together, we are transforming cross-platform measurement and helping marketers reduce waste and increase advertising effectiveness within TV.

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