More than 400 organizations move to the cloud with Oracle SOAR

By Greg Zanowski, senior vice president, North America Applications Consulting, Oracle —Apr 26, 2021

Moving to the cloud can be overwhelming. When deciding whether to upgrade existing on-premises systems or make the leap to the cloud, many of our customers have similar questions: How can we migrate all of our data? How can we reduce cost and complexity? How can we do it quickly?

In addition to working with our large partner ecosystem, Oracle works directly with customers to accelerate migrations to the cloud via Oracle Consulting. I’m happy to announce that more than 400 Oracle customers have enthusiastically embraced Oracle SOAR, a directed and automated step-by-step path to the cloud. With Soar, these companies are able to reduce the time and cost of their cloud migration by up to 30 percent.

The customers I work with often tell me they recognize the benefits of moving their business processes to the cloud, but worry that the transition will be overwhelming, full of headache-inducing costs and challenges.

The success of our SOAR offering proves Oracle will guide our customers through every step of their cloud journey, no Advil required. Using a tried-and-true methodology, combined with innovative tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning, Oracle Consulting helps our customers define their cloud strategy; establish a “cloud culture” within their organization; identify the challenges—and opportunities—of moving to the cloud; and calculate the costs, resources, time to value, and return on investment they should expect.

Here are just three of our SOAR customers’ success stories:


Helping Government Better Serve Its Citizens

A large county in Florida needed to upgrade its on-premises finance and HR systems, which hadn’t been upgraded since 2013 and were limiting its ability to provide outstanding services to residents. The question county managers faced: Should they tackle an upgrade of their on-premises software or move to the cloud?

Oracle Consulting explained to the county how SOAR could simplify the journey and demonstrated the significant savings they would reap over the next decade. The promise of reduced complexity, accelerated migration and close collaboration with Oracle led the county choose Oracle Consulting to support its move to Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM).


Keeping Up With Increased Pandemic Demand

During the pandemic, a large U.S. grocery chain saw a 92 percent increase in online grocery sales, but the company’s legacy software couldn’t keep up with planned expansion. The company needed to consolidate all of its data—including requirements for a complex union payroll—on a single platform.

Oracle Consulting demonstrated how they could use SOAR and built a ‘mini proof-of-concept’ to show how they would meet union payroll requirements. The company chose Oracle Consulting as the implementation partner to migrate from Infor and SAP SuccessFactors to Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud HCM.


Enabling Financial Success

A leading North American insurance and wealth management company needed to increase the accuracy of its financial reporting and flexibility of its supply chain operations but was worried about costs. Using the SOAR methodology and tools, Oracle Consulting moved the company to Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing (SCM), significantly reducing the company’s overhead. 

We’re proud of the success that the Oracle SOAR program has seen, and we’re even more proud of the leadership our customers have shown as they guide their organizations through change. My team is looking forward to many more success stories like these!


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