New Vaccine Verification Solution Helps Organizations Navigate the New Workplace Reality

By Nancy Estell Zoder, VP of global product strategy, Oracle Cloud HCMOctober 27, 2021
COVID-19 pandemic

Very rarely have workplace safety requirements changed so rapidly as since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. After the initial shock of global lockdowns, workplace recommendations and regulations from local, regional, and national governments and industry organizations around the world have been continuously shifting, which has made it difficult for organizations to move forward with certainty.

Throughout it all, Oracle has been—and remains—committed to helping organizations manage their response to the pandemic by adding new capabilities to Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). Earlier this year, we introduced the "Return to the Workplace" Journey to help our customers keep workers safe by guiding them through new processes, training, and safety protocols. Since then, vaccines have been widely distributed, new variants such as the Delta variant have emerged, and new recommendations have been made for booster shots for at-risk groups. These ongoing changes make it incredibly challenging for organizations and HR leaders.

Which is why we are proud to announce the new "Vaccination at Work” Journey—one of the many journeys we offer. We developed this best practices’ journey in partnership with our customers, hearing from them about what they want and need to manage their workforce. The new journey allows organizations to verify and track the vaccine status of their workforce, incorporate organizational policies that are unique to their business, and easily adapt journeys as circumstances change. The Vaccination at Work Journey allows Oracle Cloud HCM customers to:

  • Adapt to Changing Circumstances: It provides HR teams and business leaders with a flexible way to roll out and adapt plans to manage their workforce—whether that’s bringing teams back to the office, implementing new vaccine requirements, or extending remote work in response to new developments or mandates.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: It allows HR teams to use Oracle Cloud HCM Analytics to analyze critical data about their workforce in real-time, such as the percentage of their workforce that is vaccinated. HR teams can use this information to make key decisions about workplace safety, such as whether to allow workers in the office or what protocols to put in place to protect them.
  • Help Comply with Local Regulations: It helps HR leaders securely track and verify the vaccine status of employees to help address local regulations. This journey also lets HR leaders provide guidance for managers about how to handle employees with no plans to vaccinate.
  • Modify without IT Support: It enables HR leaders to easily update or change their journey to account for unique business requirements or policies, such as incentives for vaccinated employees, or resources to help workers find roles that will allow them to continue working remotely.

Oracle Journeys delivers a guided digital experience for employees across resources, services, and actions as they move through personal and professional events. Alongside the new Vaccination at Work Journey, Oracle also offers 30+ additional journeys, such as Return to the Workplace Journey, Safe Travels Journey, Your Well Being Companion Journey, and Onboarding Journey. Customers can access an array of journeys directly within Oracle Cloud HCM, and through a growing library of templates on Oracle Cloud Customer Connect.

We are invested in helping our community make it as easy as possible to support their workforce, while staying flexible and ready for the next challenge. With this new solution, employers can keep their workforce safe and better informed as policies and requirements change. It also enables employees to quickly and easily share relevant information—such as vaccination certificates or exemption letters—using any device or even our voice-powered assistant.

Here’s what our customers and industry influencers have to say:

“What we appreciate most about using Oracle Journeys is its flexibility. We have been able to make real-time changes to Journeys related to helping employees recording their vaccination status and guiding them through the exemption process constantly adapting due to new information around vaccines and the prevalence of the Delta variant. We’ve been able to leverage Oracle to keep our employees informed of the status of our plans, up to date with our latest policies, and equipped with the resources they need to succeed in any work environment.”—Hubert Winter, senior director, HR information systems, Quest Diagnostics

“The pandemic has made it essential for HR teams to adapt faster than ever before in order to stay in compliance with shifting regulations and—more importantly—protect their workers. HR and business leaders need to have the power to communicate changes and collect critical information from employees just as fast—they don’t have time to wait for IT to resolve a ticket for every change.”— Trish McFarlane, principal analyst, H3 HR Advisors

We are proud to be helping our customers keep their employees safe. Real partnerships with customers remind us that we all have a part to play in navigating through these hard times.

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