World’s Largest Raspberry Pi Cluster Comes to Oracle CloudWorld and JavaOne

By Chris Bensen, Cloud Experience Developer, Oracle—Oct 18, 2022

For 10 years, the Raspberry Pi has brought together a community of enthusiasts, professionals, students, and teachers pushing what’s possible with technology. This tiny computer performs high computational tasks and has made a significant impact on the industry at large.

Cluster computing continues to gain popularity as developers, researchers, and data scientists have begun to explore new technologies and applications, as well as executing large jobs at home instead of the cloud. With the abundance of low-cost, single-board computers, this approach amounts to a form of a home supercomputer. As a result, developers, researchers, and data scientists are increasingly seeking to leverage Raspberry Pi clusters, which bring together multiple Raspberry Pi devices onto a single system to boost performance.

This year, we will demo one of the world’s largest Raspberry Pi cluster to showcase its productivity benefits, capabilities, and various applications. The Raspberry Pi cluster will be housed in the DevNucleus space in CloudWorld’s Developer Hub, and attendees can monitor real-time activity of each Pi node along with additional visualizations. The team will also incorporate augmented reality so that attendees can observe and interact with the cluster.

We will also showcase the Raspberry Pi cluster’s underlying technologies, including APEX, GraalPython, Java, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Database, and Oracle Linux to attendees, More specifically, CloudWorld and JavaOne attendees can experience:

  • GraalVM: One of the world’s most advanced polyglot virtual machine contains features such as isolates and native image. Isolates allow isolation of applications memory, while native image enables applications to be compiled to a single performant native executable for distribution.
  • GraalPython for ARM: Oracle Labs is introducing a tech showcase of GraalPython for ARM with up to 8x better performance over pure Python applications, and the ability to distribute a Python application as a single file—all backed by the efficiency and optimizations of GraalVM.

The Raspberry Pi has created a whole new class of computing devices and is fundamentally changing the way systems are designed. If you’re attending CloudWorld and JavaOne, we’d love for you to swing by the DevNucleus space to see the Raspberry Pi cluster in action.