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FedRAMP® Approves Additional Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services

FedRAMP approves new OCI cloud services, now available to U.S. government agencies

Austin, TexasMay 16, 2023

An expanded list of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services has attained FedRAMP approval, making more cloud services available to customers in the civilian, defense, and intelligence community.

“Oracle is committed to providing our government customers with innovative cloud services that modernize both services and infrastructure, and deliver the highest security features available,” says Rand Waldron, vice president, Global Government Sector, Oracle. “Government agencies can confidently leverage our FedRAMP Authorized cloud services to meet their mission needs, knowing that we have taken extensive measures to protect their technology, processes, and people.”


Adding to our list of approved services

The newly approved services include: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Network Visualizer, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning Service, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate, Java Management Service, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Bastion, Oracle Cloud Advisor; VPN Connect; Programmable Network Platform (Dynamic Routing Gateways Transit Hub), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Integration, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging Analytics:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Network Visualizer is a feature of the OCI Console that provides a concise picture of the routing and relationships of virtual cloud networks (VCNs), subnets, gateways, and other resources to improve understanding of the design and operation of a virtual network.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning Service helps improve security posture by routinely checking hosts and container images for potential vulnerabilities.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate is a managed service providing a real-time data mesh platform, which uses replication to keep data highly available, enabling real-time analysis.
  • Java Management Service is a reporting and management feature within the Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Service to discover, monitor, and manage Java environments.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Bastion provides restricted and time-limited access to target resources that do not have public endpoints.
  • Oracle Cloud Advisor finds potential inefficiencies in tenancies and offers guided solutions that explain how to address them to maximize cost savings and improve security.
  • VPN Connect is a scalable evolution of the VPN service, providing easy, highly available, and secure connectivity to and from on-premises networks, or other cloud service providers and Oracle Cloud services.
  • Programmable Network Platform (Dynamic Routing Gateways Transit Hub) supports transit routing with hub and spoke topologies and provides a path for traffic between on-premises networks and virtual cloud networks.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Integration delivers pre-integrated connectivity to Oracle as well as third-party SaaS and on-premises apps, run-ready process automation templates, and an intuitive visual app builder to quickly and easily migrate and integrate data.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging Analytics is a machine learning-based cloud service that monitors, aggregates, indexes, and analyzes all log data from on-premises and multicloud environments.

To attain the approval for these services, Oracle used a FedRAMP recognized third-party assessment organization (3PAO). The services were then thoroughly reviewed and approved by technical representatives from FedRAMP’s Joint Authorization Board (JAB) for use within OCI’s FedRAMP Authorized (High) offering.


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