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Helbiz Kitchen Boosts Ghost Kitchen Global Growth with Oracle Cloud

Austin, TexasJanuary 11, 2022
Helbiz Kitchen

Helbiz, (NASDAQ: HLBZ) a global leader in micro-mobility also runs one of the world’s largest ghost kitchens. Its 21,500 square foot Helbiz Kitchen brings together the best dishes from across Milan—from burgers to ice cream—by licensing from popular brands and preparing multiple cuisines in one location.

To help ensure that all orders get processed correctly and out for customer delivery quickly, Helbiz turned to Oracle MICROS Simphony Point of Sale. With integrated inventory management, the brand is able to avoid out-of-stock items, while also delivering on its sustainability and waste reduction goals. With the success of its Italian operations, Helbiz Kitchen is expanding into the US in 2022.

Ghost kitchens are commercial kitchens built to prepare food for delivery or takeout only, without a storefront or wait staff. Their popularity is booming among restaurants and brands wanting to build mobile ordering and food delivery businesses.

“As we continue to expand Helbiz Kitchen not only in Italy, but also in other countries, in the United States and new locations across Europe, we need a cloud solution that can easily integrate with our mobile app and loyalty solutions at scale,” said Paolo Scocco, COO of Helbiz Kitchen. “The Oracle platform is the central hub from which all business systems are informed. With embedded analytics, our transaction data will refine day-to-day decision-making and long-term business strategies.”

Helbiz Kitchen strategically invests in ambitious concepts that are both technologically sound and support its environmental, social and governance (ESG) conscious goals. Even as menus and offerings are constantly changing, mobile application orders are routed smoothly through Simphony to Oracle MICROS Kitchen Display Systems, helping ensure they’re queued fast, accurately, and prepped based on the promised delivery time. By centralizing all order transaction data on a single platform coupled with embedded restaurant analytics and reporting, Helbiz Kitchen gets real-time updates on its revenue by concept, inventory, and labor costs.

“The surge in online and app-based ordering has sped the adoption of ghost kitchens as a means to efficiently serve consumers looking to discover and enjoy a large spectrum of cuisines,” said Simon de Montfort Walker, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Food and Beverage. “With a highly-complex kitchen including multiple dining concepts across a large footprint, organization and fast-access to information was the key to success for Helbiz Kitchen. With Simphony, orders are routed to the right place so they can be processed and delivered at just the right time. On the backend, all the data is centralized to provide an easy snapshot of what is selling and what isn’t, inventory position, food waste, and more. We look forward to helping Helbiz Kitchen extend their success in new regions and continue to provide consumers an exceptional off-premises dining experience.”

The Oracle Simphony platform serves brands in over 180 countries and is available in 19 languages. The platform provides comprehensive fiscal and tax standards per local requirements enabling ambitious restaurant operators to avoid being weighed down by the complexity of international expansion, and the ability to focus growth opportunities.

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