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NTT WEST Selects Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer to Drive “Regional Revitalization Cloud” Initiative

Accelerates data processing and reduces operational cost

Meets data sovereignty and compliance requirements of local governments, educational institutions, and regional companies

Austin, Texas—Jan 25, 2021
NTT WEST Selects Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer

Today Oracle announced that NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE WEST CORPORATION (NTT WEST) is using Oracle Gen2 Exadata Cloud@Customer to support the company’s “Regional Revitalization Cloud,” an initiative designed to address regional data privacy issues. With Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, NTT WEST has access to the Exadata database platform delivered as a cloud service in its own data centers in Nagoya so that it can meet data locality, sovereignty, and compliance requirements that municipalities, educational institutions, and local businesses cannot achieve when using public cloud services. Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer’s superior performance, availability and scalability will enable NTT WEST to deploy mission-critical applications and services of the “Regional Revitalization Cloud.” 

“Our Regional Revitalization Cloud has been built on the basic concept of locating data close to the customer, in order to alleviate concerns about the sovereignty of the customer’s data,” said Norihito Senda, Nagoya Branch, Advanced Solution Department, Corporate Business Headquarters, NTT WEST. “Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer uses the superior technology of Oracle Database as a cloud service delivered in our own data centers, meeting all of our data sovereignty and compliance requirements for the Regional Revitalization Cloud. We now have a scalable database platform, allowing us to flexibly expand to meet further business growth and usage increases. We look forward to leveraging Oracle’s advanced technologies, including Autonomous Database on Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer and the continuous support from Oracle Japan for the future development of the Regional Revitalization Cloud.”

“Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer provides NTT WEST with extreme database performance, security, and availability to accommodate the deployment of diverse applications and mission-critical systems for multiple customers,” said Juan Loaiza, executive vice president of mission-critical database technologies, Oracle. “Running Oracle Converged database allows NTT WEST to run any workload or datatype without the complexity of deploying, integrating, and managing multiple databases.”

NTT WEST aims to transform into a “social ICT pioneer,” leading the way in solving societal challenges by using ICT, with its “Regional Revitalization Cloud” as a key driver to solve regional issues. NTT WEST’s initiative is based on a regional information integration platform that combines NTT Group’s various technologies, NTT WEST’s regional data centers and other facilities, business sector-specific consulting services, along with community-based support capabilities, and the highly advanced cloud technologies of leading partner companies. This initiative solves the challenges that local governments, educational institutions, regional banks and other regional businesses face as they seek to move to the cloud to streamline their IT operations and reduce costs, but face challenges that prevent moving their data to the public cloud due to compliance and data sovereignty concerns. In order to solve these challenges for customers, the “Regional Revitalization Cloud” aims to provide stable and advanced cloud services that allow customers to store their sensitive data in private and local data centers.

In the selection process for the database cloud infrastructure, high database performance, stability, and availability were key requirements to accommodate the deployment of diverse applications and mission-critical systems for multiple customers. In addition, it needed to be deployed in its own data centers to meet data sovereignty and compliance needs, as well as to be able to flexibly expand NTT WEST’s systems and services as the business grows while reducing the initial investment and ongoing operational costs. After looking at a number of alternatives, NTT WEST selected Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer as the database cloud infrastructure that would meet its requirements.

Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer has enabled NTT WEST to provide a reliable service to customers using the “Regional Revitalization Cloud,” reducing system processing time by approximately 40 percent and Oracle RAC technology provides data retention redundancy and high availability for the database, while Exadata SmartScan speeds up processing of large data batches during the day and night. Oracle Multitenant allows customers to build multiple pluggable independent databases and manage them as one instead of managing individual systems or database instances and enables multiple customers to use the secure database infrastructure, reducing the burden of database management. With all these benefits, NTT WEST reduced overall costs with pay-per-use pricing, and eliminated human resources for hardware and infrastructure maintenance, which is managed by Oracle.

The “Regional Revitalization Cloud” will be expanded as a data-driven platform for a variety of applications in cooperation with regional partner companies. In this initiative, the company aims to respond to the industrial revitalization, job creation, and aging population issues that local governments are facing, as well as to improve the efficiency of work required by local companies, which tend to have a shortage of employee resources. NTT WEST plans to roll out the cloud platform in 30 prefectures in Western Japan.


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