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Premier League Moves Massive Trove of Match Video to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure houses archive containing footage of every match played in 30 years of Premier League football

Helps power syndication for worldwide broadcast

Oracle CloudWorld, Las Vegas—Oct 18, 2022

The Premier League, the world’s most watched domestic football league, has moved its immense historical content archive, with footage of every game played over the last 30 years, exclusively to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). OCI will support the Premier League’s ever-increasing broadcast quality levels and content storage requirements for years to come with storage volumes expected to reach three petabytes by 2025.

On a rolling two-week basis, the Premier League records and stores video on every aspect of every single match, including pre-and post-match interviews. That footage, stored on OCI, is then syndicated worldwide for broadcast to 797 million households in 188 of 193 UN member states. It is also sold for use in ads, documentaries, match highlights, and other applications.

“Simply put, the Premier League’s worldwide broadcasts are the linchpin of the league’s relationship with its global fan base,” said Nick Morgan, Managing Director of Premier League Productions. “Showcasing the best football players in the world requires the best technology, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers the performance we need to get fans around the world as close to the action on the pitch as possible.”

In addition to top-tier performance, availability and security, OCI delivers significant cost advantages over competitors, especially for data transit, which is a critical component of managing an extremely high volume of video content for global syndication. The Premier League is also taking advantage of OCI Object Storage, which utilizes automatic, policy-based tiering. This intelligently moves data and optimizes costs based on demand.

The Premier League also benefits from Oracle’s comprehensive cloud footprint. Oracle will serve the Premier League video footage out of cloud regions in four countries—initially out of the United Kingdom, then also out of Singapore, the United States, and Brazil—giving broadcast partners in every part of the world a consistent experience in terms of both price and performance.

“As the Premier League’s popularity continues to explode worldwide, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps to ensure that Premier League content is cost-effectively delivered to its partners around the globe at the highest quality,” said Karan Batta, vice president, product management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Equally important, with OCI the Premier League can continue to take advantage of advances in video quality and innovations in broadcast technology to meet rising fan expectations with zero concern about storage capacity.”


Building On a Strong Foundation

In addition to storing Premier League’s extensive video archive, Oracle is committed to increasing the excitement surrounding every Premier League game. Oracle is producing real-time player and team statistics for each match broadcast using its advanced data analytics and machine learning technologies. Those stats include Average Formation, Live Win Probability, and Momentum Tracker. In May 2022, the Premier League also presented two new end-of-season awards based on rigorous Oracle Cloud data analyses: Most Improbable Comeback, awarded to Tottenham Hotspur for their last-minute 3-2 come-from-behind win at Leicester City; and Most Powerful Goal, awarded to Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho for his 117.61-kph (73.08-mph) strike against Leeds United.

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The Premier League produces some of the most competitive and compelling football in the world. The League and its clubs use the power and popularity of the competition to inspire fans, communities, and partners in the UK and across the world. The Premier League brings people together from all backgrounds. It is a competition for everyone, everywhere and is available to watch in 797 million homes in 188 countries.

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