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Oracle Announces New AI Services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

New services for developers and data scientists make it easy to apply AI to enterprise scenarios

Austin, Texas—Nov 3, 2021
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Oracle today announced availability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) AI services, a collection of services that make it easier for developers to apply AI services to their applications without requiring data science expertise. The new OCI AI services give developers the choice of leveraging out-of-the-box models that have been pretrained on business-oriented data or custom training the services based on their organization’s own data. The six new services help developers with a range of complex tasks from language to computer vision, and time-series forecasts.

Companies today need AI to accelerate innovation, assess business conditions, and deliver new customer experiences. However, they frequently run into implementation issues ranging from a scarcity of data science expertise, difficulties in training models on relevant business data to getting their platform to work in a live environment or breaking down data silos. As a result, companies expend valuable time and resources, when they need AI that’s consistent, responsive, and capable of working in their business applications and operational environments to deliver actionable results.

“It’s essential for organizations to bridge the gap between the promise of AI and implementing AI that helps them achieve real results,” said Greg Pavlik, chief technology officer, Oracle Cloud Platform. “Oracle is best positioned to realize the value of AI through our industry-leading expertise in enterprise applications and enterprise data, our next-generation cloud infrastructure, and our deep commitment to building AI services and solutions.”

Based on Oracle’s experience as the leading business applications vendor with the most complete suite of cloud applications, Oracle’s AI services are pretrained to provide immediate value for enterprises across a broad range of use cases. The new fully managed AI services include:

  • OCI Language: Performs text analysis at scale to understand unstructured text in documents, customer feedback interactions, support tickets, and social media. With built-in pre-trained models, OCI Language eliminates the need for machine learning expertise and empowers developers to apply sentiment analysis, key-phrase extraction, text classification, named entity recognition, and more into their applications.  
  • OCI Speech: Provides automatic speech recognition through prebuilt models trained on thousands of native and non-native language speakers for real-time speech recognition. OCI speech enables developers to easily convert file-based audio data containing human speech into highly accurate text transcriptions and can be used to provide in-workflow closed captions, index content, and enhance analytics on audio and video content.
  • OCI Vision: Provides pre-trained computer vision models for image recognition and document analysis tasks. It also enables users to extend the models to other industry and customer-specific use cases such as scene monitoring, defect detection, and document processing with their own data. OCI Vision can be used to detect visual anomalies in manufacturing, extract text from forms to automate business workflows, and tag items in images to count products or shipments.
  • OCI Anomaly Detection: Delivers business-specific anomaly detection models that flag critical irregularities early, which enables faster resolution and less operational disruption. OCI Anomaly Detection provides REST APIs and SDKs for several programming languages, which developers can use to easily integrate anomaly detection models into business applications. It is built on the patented MSET2 algorithm, which is used worldwide in highly sensitive situations like nuclear reactor health monitoring, and can be used for fraud detection, predicting equipment breakdown, and receiving data from multiple devices to predict failures.
  • OCI Forecasting: Delivers time-series forecasts through machine learning and statistical algorithms without the need for data science expertise. OCI Forecasting helps developers to quickly create accurate forecasts for their critical business metrics, including product demand, revenue, and resource requirements. These forecasts all have confidence intervals and explainability to help developers make the right business decisions.
  • OCI Data Labeling: Helps users build labeled datasets to train AI models. Users can assemble data, create and browse datasets, and apply labels to data records through user interfaces and public APIs. The labeled data sets can be exported and used for model development across many of Oracle’s AI and data science services, including OCI Vision and OCI Data Science, for a consistent model-building experience.

The new OCI AI services are at the core of Oracle AI, a collection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science offerings that include Oracle Digital Assistant, as well as OCI Data Science and Oracle Database Machine Learning, which are used for building, managing, and deploying machine learning models. Organizations around the world rely on Oracle AI to help automate their operations, drive innovation, and make smarter decisions securely.


Customer and Partner Quotes

Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) is a premier Australian medical and biological research institute and a registered charity. “Identifying the effect of different treatments on tumors is one of the key parts of our research in curing children’s cancer,” said Pablo Galaviz, senior data scientist and bioinformatician at Children’s Medical Research Institute. “Along with OCI Data Science, we are looking to OCI Vision and OCI Data Labeling services to help us characterize the effects of those treatments on cells. First, we label microscope images using OCI Data Labeling, and then with the help of OCI Vision, we can automate the process of detecting different types of cells. In this way, we use Oracle’s platform to achieve our research goals efficiently.”

SS Global is an innovative transportation company that provides a broad portfolio of logistical solutions and services. “Our customers in the transportation sector collect data from vehicles, cargo, drivers, and other environmental conditions such as traffic,” said Sunil Sharma, CEO of SS Global LLC. “Identifying anomalies in real time is key to delivering the desired service level and therefore, we were looking for a compelling anomaly detection solution. We chose OCI Anomaly Detection service for its capability to determine anomalies in multivariate complex datasets and for the significant investment Oracle is making in this AI service.”

Bosch Service Solutions is a leading global supplier of Business Process Outsourcing for complex business processes and services. “As a provider of contact center services, Bosch Service Solutions combines the OCI AI Services of Digital Assistant and Speech to allow our customers to have a natural conversation with BETO, the Bosch chatbot,” said Kiria Fernandes, head of operations at Bosch Service Solutions Brasil. “With OCI AI Services, our customers can communicate with us in Portuguese using voice commands to drive desired actions and outcomes, enriching the user experience with conversational AI, simplifying interactions and improving productivity.”

NVIDIA is a pioneer of accelerated computing and AI. “By delivering high-performance GPUs to customers in a fully managed fashion for notebook sessions, jobs, and model deployments, Oracle AI Services and NVIDIA are delivering the benefits and experience that customers have been looking for,” said Ian Buck, senior vice president and general manager of accelerated computing at NVIDIA. “The combination of OCI AI Services and OCI Data Science with NVIDIA RAPIDS allows data scientists and developers to accelerate end-to-end machine learning and data science pipelines on NVIDIA GPUs much faster than they would be able to on CPUs.”

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