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Oracle Cloud Secret Impact Level 6 Regions for U.S. Department of Defense

Oracle’s high-performance, cost-effective cloud for classified defense workloads

Austin, TexasApril 22, 2024
U.S. Department of Defense

Oracle today announced the accreditation of three cloud regions for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) with Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Impact Level 6 (IL6) authorization to host Secret classified workloads. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is now available at all DoD classification levels, providing defense customers support for their full technology portfolio and more capability to fulfill their mission.

DoD customers operate many fragmented information systems on modern and legacy infrastructure, making it difficult to collect, analyze, secure, scale, and act on critical data to make real-time decisions. The DoD needs the best technology to succeed in an increasingly contested environment. As adversaries advance their capabilities, the DoD needs data, AI, and compute platforms that give our warfighters the technical overmatch they deserve.

“America’s warfighters must have the world’s preeminent technology and our taxpayers insist that technology is delivered at competitive costs. Oracle is bringing both to the Department of Defense’s Secret networks.” says Rand Waldron, vice president, Oracle. “Technology no longer sits outside the mission; technology is a part of the mission. In austere locations with limited communication, and in massive secure data centers, Oracle is bringing our best capabilities to serve the men and women that defend the U.S. and our Allies.”

Oracle’s air-gapped classified regions solve many of the DoD’s challenges with the latest innovations from the public cloud, competitive pricing, powerful analytics, and enhanced security. Oracle Cloud classified regions come with our Everything Everywhere® commitment to offer the same Oracle Cloud services that are available in the Oracle public cloud. This commitment ensures DoD technologists get leading edge cloud services and hardware to accelerate their work. These Oracle services provide customers higher performance, lower cost capabilities with consistent pricing across all classification levels. 

Oracle Modern Data Platform simplifies the end-to-end data lifecycle to deliver critical insights faster. With Oracle’s comprehensive analytics and AI portfolio, users can leverage high-performance computing (HPC) to bring powerful, cost-effective computing capabilities to solve complex problems.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure security is simple, prescriptive, and always-on. Our zero trust approach to cloud security helps customers implement a DISA Zero-Trust Reference Architecture. Oracle Cloud classified regions are supported and managed from secure, dedicated, cloud network operation centers, which are only accessed, monitored, and staffed by U.S. government-cleared personnel.

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