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Oracle Empowers Managers to Elevate the Employee Experience

New updates to Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM help managers better engage and support their teams

HR Technology Conference, Las Vegas, NevadaSeptember 13, 2022

Extending its commitment to helping organizations improve the employee experience, Oracle has introduced a series of new updates within Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). The new portal for team skills, performance evaluation capabilities, and an employee listening solution will help managers engage and empower teams to achieve their fullest potential.

Over the past few years, employees around the world have reevaluated their needs, and as a result, expectations for what they want from employers have changed. A steady paycheck is no longer enough; today, individuals want to work for organizations that promote work-life balance, provide career growth opportunities, and make them feel engaged and heard. A critical part of addressing these concerns is supporting the manager-to-employee relationship. According to Gallup, as much as 70% of an employee’s engagement is determined by their manager. But with managers facing evolving workplace challenges for themselves and their employees, they need better visibility and tools to understand the needs of their teams and support their success.

“Organizations and employees are demanding more of their managers than ever before. To meet these demands, these leaders need to know their teams better than anyone else in order to prevent burnout, identify skill gaps and opportunities, and provide growth and career guidance,” said Yvette Cameron, senior vice president of global product strategy, Oracle Cloud HCM. “With the latest updates to Oracle Cloud HCM, we’re giving employees a stronger voice and empowering managers with advanced visibility into their teams so they can take the actions needed to better guide their teams to success.”

The latest updates to Oracle Cloud HCM provide managers with the ability to quickly identify and close skills gaps, equitably evaluate team performance, and support their teams’ needs. Together these updates give managers the tools they need to empower their teams to deliver their best work. The updates include:

  • Team Skills Center: A new capability in Oracle Dynamic Skills that provides managers with a centralized location to review, assign, and manage skills development across their team. By providing insights—for both individuals and the team as a whole— into the core skills required to meet business objectives and role-based skills for team members, the Team Skills Center helps managers quickly identify risks and close skills gaps.
  • All-in-One Evaluations: A new capability in Oracle Performance Management that allows managers to see their entire team in a single view and evaluate them against expected criteria or standards. By having a single view into all team members and relevant performance measures, such as competencies and performance ratings, managers can save time and make more thoughtful and equitable evaluations.
  • Oracle Touchpoints: An employee listening solution in the recently announced Oracle ME employee experience platform, that helps managers continuously capture, track, and act on employee sentiment. By providing a channel for managers and employees to regularly communicate in quick and natural ways, Touchpoints helps build commitment and trust between managers and their teams and promote an inclusive, collaborative work environment.

Natively built for the cloud, Oracle Cloud HCM is a complete solution connecting every human resource process from hire to retire. By connecting all employee data on a single platform, HR teams have access to a single source of truth to help inform their people strategy. To help HR teams further improve business operations, built-in AI acts as an advisor to help analyze workforce data and surface recommendations.

“The best models for implementing a positive employee experience start at the top with full buy-in from C-level executives, but to be successful these programs need active participation from managers at all levels. Where many of these programs fall short is when managers don’t have the insights they need to fully support each of their employees individually,” said Holger Mueller, vice president and principal analyst, Constellation Research, Inc. “These updates in Oracle Cloud HCM demonstrate a commitment to helping organizations overcome the challenges they are facing as employee expectations shift around the world.”

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