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Oracle Named #1 in AI for Distributed Energy Resources Integration by Guidehouse Insights

Oracle Energy and Water tops new AI report Leaderboard including leading competition in strategy, execution, and vision

DISTRIBUTECH, DallasMay 23, 2022
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The proliferation of distributed energy resources (DERs) and new data sources has made managing the energy grid infinitely more complex. Recognizing Oracle’s ability to deliver data intelligence that utilities need to navigate the energy transition, Guidehouse Insights named Oracle Energy and Water the top provider in its AI Vendors for DER Integration report.1 Oracle led in execution and strategy and outscored the next closest vendor in vision by more than 10 points. Read the full report here.

Oracle Energy and Water was also ranked the #1 vendor in Guidehouse’s recent Home Energy Management Providers and Smart Meter Analytics reports. 2,3

The report recognized vendors that use AI algorithms to integrate DERs and enhance their value to the grid with data and actionable insights. Oracle earned its leader position due to its “deep analytics portfolio” that includes “standalone analytics solutions as well as AI and analytics modules that can be embedded into traditional OT and IT systems.” The offerings were praised as “both grid- and customer- focused,” providing visibility into the grid edge and helping utilities deliver on savings opportunities for customers while supporting grid reliability.

“The rapid uptake of demand side devices like smart thermostats, rooftop solar, and electric vehicles have dramatically increased the amount of data utilities receive; turning that data into something actionable is no small task,” said Hannah Davis, senior research analyst, Guidehouse Insights. “Supplementing traditional utility operations and processes with AI capabilities is expected to drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase visibility. Oracle is a frontrunner in this area who has taken a holistic approach with a broad portfolio of AI offerings that enhance and optimize the value of distributed resources in supporting energy transformation and grid health.”

To improve outcomes for both customers and the business, utilities must be able to use all the data at their disposal. From grid optimization to customer engagement, Oracle’s solutions leverage AI to help utilities and consumers thrive throughout the energy transition by breaking down data silos and bringing AI and analytics closer to the business problems that need to be solved. Oracle Utilities Analytics offers prebuilt machine learning insights and data visualization tools for easy adoption and use by utilities. This facilitates the use of all data across the utility to improve the understanding of customer experiences, foster grid optimization and resiliency, and to increase the speed of innovation.

The report adds “Oracle Utilities Analytics Insights platform provides advanced applications for meter to bill, revenue protection, energy efficiency, DR, distribution planning and operations, and financial analytics and reports.”

Oracle Utilities Analytics is part of Oracle Utilities’ Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS), which models, monitors, optimizes, dispatches, and manages all types of DERs, including customer and third-party–owned resources. The offering’s optimization engine utilizes AI for autonomous, real-time grid optimization from market operations to DER dispatch and regulation. On the customer side, Oracle Utilities Opower AI continually learns what each utility customer needs to see and do next, then offers these insights to them through their preferred channels. By influencing customer action at scale, Opower delivers utility business results from reducing emissions, to preserving reliability, and increasing customer lifetime value.

“Other software vendors have claimed to be the leader in Utility AI, but the report and utility buying patterns show otherwise,” said Matt O’Keefe, group vice president of Opower for Oracle Energy and Water. “DER adoption is making everything more complex for utilities, from managing more volatile distribution networks to serving customers with more choices and tougher billing questions than ever. It takes AI deployed across the enterprise to absorb that complexity. The Guidehouse report recognizes Oracle’s ability to deliver the end-to-end AI solutions—from grid to garage—our utility clients need to do exactly that.”

The AI for Distributed Energy Resources Integration report looked at 14 vendors focused on DER integration and grid management, demand side management, and customer-centric applications. Vendors were scored on their strategy and execution based on 12 criteria, including go-to-market strategy, partners, technology, product performance, and product quality and reliability. Read the full report here or learn more at

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