Virtual Road Trip 2021

Join us as we visit with Oracle’s customers, partners, and employees around the globe—an NBA franchise in San Antonio, a developer of life-saving genetic treatments in Sydney, a sustainability champion in Stockholm, and many others. Learn what they’re up to and how Oracle plays a part.

Join us on our recent stops

Cultivating digital connections

This telecom and IT company ensured continuity for its business customers as their employees started working from home.

Combating COVID-19 with data

This renowned university is speeding up genomic sequencing research to combat COVID-19 and other health threats.

Deep learning down on the farm

This tech startup applies satellite imaging and machine learning to redraw the boundaries of precision agriculture.

Leading the charge for change

An Oracle employee in Hungary is leading discussions about inclusion and cultural differences with a community of Roma children and their adoptive parents.

Farming for good

An Indian agricultural cooperative’s eco-friendly fertilizer is planting the seed for smarter, more sustainable farming.

Little rigs, big ideas

This Oracle Cloud strategy director uses toy demos to model complex business scenarios—and entertain in the process.

Peek behind the green screen

How does a top tech influencer stay connected during a pandemic? With a little mixed reality magic conjured from his own studio.

From apprentice to APEX architect

This application architect’s career soared when a project of global importance came his way during the pandemic.

Serving those who serve

This company is all about care, whether it’s delivering exceptional car service or supporting US military members and veterans.

Taking your whole self to work

This Oracle product manager is using smarts, spunk, and a “Wonder Woman stance” to mentor the next generation of leaders.

Walking in a Finnish wonderland

Feeling like a grinch lately? This theme resort at the base of the Arctic Circle is sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

Coding the future

An Oracle tech analyst is nurturing a community of young coders in his region with help from a team of virtual volunteers.

Pandemic changes work attitudes

People are ever-more anxious about their careers, but they trust AI software to guide them forward, a global survey finds.

Nurturing the fan experience

Spurs Sports & Entertainment engages supporters at games, in their homes, on the road—a motion offense that’s producing results.

Driven by data

Discover how this four-time Formula 1 World Champion is using data to inform car and race decisions and rev up fans.

Advantage: Whittle and Wolf

The recipients of the 2020 Oracle US Tennis Awards share how the grants are helping them rally their pro careers.

Ending breast cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But for this global prestige beauty company, ending breast cancer is a year-round mission.

Embracing our differences

Learn how a passionate marketing pro is creating opportunities for LGBTQ+ community members and educating others.

Jamming from your living room

As concert venues closed due to COVID, the largest streaming music provider in the US created a way to bring live music and good vibes to subscribers.

Counting on ecommerce

In a time of supply chain disarray, Latin America’s largest online marketplace delivered steady service—and impressive growth.

Mending broken hearts

This startup is bringing AI to the standard ECG test, helping clinicians get a jump on the world’s biggest killer.

Saving children’s lives

This genetic research pioneer is turning the blueprints of human life into treatments for cancer and other diseases.

Cultivating a greener future

A love of the outdoors inspired an Oracle communications manager to live more sustainably. Now she’s leading the way for her Nordic colleagues.

The City of Angels lends a hand

In LA, the Mayor’s Fund provided $36 million in direct financial assistance to Angelenos hit hardest by the pandemic.

Recycling reaps rewards

This sibling-founded startup is cleaning up the streets of Lagos, turning uncollected waste into work opportunities for locals.

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