Cloud Scale Charging–A Cloud Native Converged Charging System (CCS)

Charge for anything at any scale with a converged charging system (CCS) powered by an in-memory grid. Ensure efficient online and offline charging of any fixed or mobile network, service, experience, metric, or attribute. Align with TM Forum Open Digital Architecture (ODA) and Open APIs, and continue to interoperate with existing billing systems with an optional cap and grow evolution strategy.

Oracle scales up converged charging to serve 100 million subscribers.

Cloud Scale Charging features and benefits

Techco CSPs are using Oracle Cloud Scale Charging. Learn more about the solution’s key capabilities.

Multigeneration offline and online charging system

Consolidate, protect, and grow revenue with a single offline and online charging system. Oracle’s CCS is compatible with any fixed or 2G to 5G mobile network for any service, payment type, and business model and is aligned with 3GPP converged charging standards.

Flexible pricing and offer schemas

Move beyond connectivity with pricing models that incorporate any unit or attribute combined with new 5G pricing levers in any account structure. Enhance customer experience (CX) with advanced data session charging that utilizes flexible quota allocation.

Distributed in-memory charging grid

Powered by industry-leading in-memory data grid technology, low latency charging is accurately processed with complete transactional consistency regardless of pricing or account model complexity.

Active-active mode

If there’s a node, machine, or site failure, avoid disruption to business continuity. Federate the charging grid across a distributed dual-site deployment without dropping sessions or losing revenue or data.

Real-time charging engine for existing billing systems

Perform online charging with real-time usage notifications and wallet queries for all payment types. Increase ROI from existing billing systems by sending prerated call detail records (CDRs) for postpaid bill production.

Large-scale rated event generation

Rated events processed by the charging grid are cached in memory, written to persistent storage for high-availability purposes, and transformed into CDR files for downstream billing consumption.

Cap and grow evolution

Keep third-party billing for existing offerings, and supplement Cloud Scale Charging with Oracle Communications Cloud Scale Billing for 5G, B2B, or B2B2X offerings, with the option to migrate subscribers when activating a 5G plan and phase out legacy systems over time.

Low-code platform aligned with ODA

Cloud Scale Charging delivers a productized platform aligned with ODA that allows IT, network, and business units to work closely together. Low-code configuration and pricing tools for nontechnical business specialists enable rapid innovation.

Alignment with Open APIs

An Open API approach facilitates ease of integration with a modern digital experience and increasingly complex value chains while offsetting any risk of vendor lock-in.

TM Forum SID certified pricing design

TM Forum certified pricing design enables business users to rapidly configure new offers using intuitive, web-based navigation workflows. Productized capabilities further support rapid experimentation with new monetization services.

Integrate with existing product catalogs

Simplify operations and preserve investment in an existing TMF 620 product catalog with an integration framework that can accept state change notifications and provides data model support.

Cloud native

Deploy in a containerized and orchestrated environment to harness cloud infrastructure and DevOps CI/CD tooling. Accelerate innovation, operate more efficiently, and scale as business needs grow.

Harness industry-standard observability

Cloud Scale Charging enables simplified operations and a real-time operational view. The entire solution uses a Kafka notification framework, Prometheus for metrics collection, Grafana for systemwide data dashboards, and the Elasticsearch, Fluentd, and Kibana stack for logging.

Flexible deployment models

Comprehensive multiple-site deployment options are engineered to meet disaster recovery and business continuity needs. Deploy on private clouds behind a firewall or public cloud infrastructure.

Verified cloud scale performance

Cloud native performance tests demonstrate low latency, high transaction throughput, and efficient resource utilization while supporting linear scalability.

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Cloud Scale Charging performance

  • Cloud native single- and dual-site charging test for 100 million subscribers

    To demonstrate the power of Oracle’s in-memory charging grid with dual-site deployment, traffic was distributed and charging updates federated across two data center cloud regions. Performance results measured more than 270,000 transactions per second across the two sites, with single-digit millisecond latency.

    Read the Oracle Cloud Scale Charging 100 Million Subscriber Performance Test report (PDF)

  • Cloud native single-site charging test for 50 million subscribers

    As part of a cloud native deployment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and using industry-realistic charging scenarios, Oracle Cloud Scale Charging achieved single-digit millisecond latency, high transaction throughput, efficient resource utilization, and near-linear scalability.

    Read the Oracle CCS Performance Test report (PDF)

“We needed to transform our online charging capabilities while consolidating legacy systems and cutting costs. Oracle’s converged charging system provides us with critical, rapid monetization of innovative prepaid commercial offers and an evolutionary path to meet future requirements. These business priorities include monetizing 5G, supporting online charging of postpaid subscribers, and harnessing the benefits of cloud with the option of full cloud native deployment.”

Sedin Kahriman

General Manager, BH Telecom

Cloud Scale Charging components

01Oracle Communications Offline Mediation Controller

This carrier-class convergent charging mediation solution is designed for multiple network types, including 5G and hybrid 4G/LTE/5G networks, as well as nontelco applications. It provides comprehensive network data collection, aggregation, and correlation.

Read the datasheet (PDF)

02Oracle Communications Convergent Charging Controller

This highly scalable online charging control platform for SS7-based voice and messaging services, enhanced IN services, and voucher management enables CSPs to consolidate traditional silos on a single, cost-efficient platform with continued support while pivoting to 5G.

Read the datasheet (PDF)

03Oracle Communications Elastic Charging Engine

This digital experience engine provides 3GPP aligned, real-time converged data and communications session charging and balance management. It natively integrates into Oracle’s full suite of billing and revenue management capabilities and is designed in accordance with TM Forum principles.

Read the datasheet (PDF)

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