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Oracle Cloud helps IBVI create careers for the blind

To achieve its mission, Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired (IBVI) moved off homegrown software solutions to Oracle Cloud Applications, helping it open new career paths for its workforce.

INDUSTRY: Industrial Manufacturing
LOCATION: United States

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About the customer

Seeing people’s potential

For more than 70 years, IBVI has delivered cost-effective industrial supplies and top customer service while striving to create an open, collaborative environment that fosters innovative business ideas and employment opportunities.

IBVI’s unique workforce—more than 80% of its direct-labor employees are blind or visually impaired—performs a wide range of jobs, from assembly of tool kits for military troops to various customer support and office roles.

Deborah Ambro-Crandell, who lost her sight at age 16, leads IBVI’s customer service team. Of the 12 team members, only one is sighted.

It’s incredible what humans can do when faced with a challenge.
Deborah Ambro-Crandell, Head of Customer Success, IBVI

Customer Story

Reimagining the possible

IBVI for years ran on a jumble of homegrown information systems with less-accessible features. So IBVI leapt fully into the cloud, embracing Oracle Cloud Applications for financials, human resources, procurement, ecommerce, supply chain, and more.

Compatibility with open-source technologies such as JAWS text-to-speech and Zoomtext screen reader enables employees like Sandra Teague Martin, who joined IBVI after losing most of her vision to glaucoma, navigate Oracle ERP Cloud to enter and track orders. IBVI believes that improved access to information through Oracle Cloud Applications will help their employees build careers in finance, HR, and customer service. “We have some of the most skilled and talented workers on the planet,” says IBVI CEO CJ Lange.

“We just have to give them access—to our facilities, to information, and to career opportunities—for them to thrive.”

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Previously, office workers who were blind required the oversight of a sighted employee to be successful in their roles. The accessibility of Oracle Cloud Applications has enabled greater independence and new job opportunities.

Oracle Cloud is playing a key role in providing access to information for our blind community, and that’s what will break down barriers and advance our mission.