Corsair uses analytics to reduce supply chain disruptions

Corsair minimizes supply chain disruptions with Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics.


One of the huge benefits of Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics is that you can merge your own company data with third-party data to get real insights. For example, it allows us to understand the impact on shipping costs when ships sit in ports for prolonged periods.

Tom CullenChief Information Officer, Corsair

Business challenges

Corsair, a leading global provider of high-performance gear for gamers and content creators, helps digital athletes to perform at their peak and creators to produce studio-quality content. As demand for gaming surged during the pandemic, Corsair faced many supply chain challenges and decisively invested in inventory visibility and financial impact modeling of shipping delays to predict disruptions before they unfold.

Why Corsair chose Oracle

After upgrading to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Corsair implemented Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics as part of its “Path to Standards” strategy. To reduce siloed metrics and data redundancy, Corsair chose ERP Analytics as its analytics foundation to standardize, connect, and analyze finance and supply chain data across the company.


The company conducted an internal analytics assessment for finance and supply chain, which revealed a need for more than 400 reports. After a rapid hands-on pilot of Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics, Corsair determined that it could reduce custom report development by 80% to 85%, using the prebuilt KPIs and metrics in Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics. This results in drastically lower long-term support and development costs.

Corsair’s growth through acquisitions resulted in reporting silos, making it difficult for finance leaders to understand revenue across channels and operating units.  With the unified data model in Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics, Corsair now has a standardized platform with consistent definitions for analyzing gross margins across multiple brands and channels.

The self-service visualization capabilities of Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics have improved the productivity of finance analysts and reduced dependency on IT for operational analysis. Beyond self-service data visualization, Corsair analysts use the no-code data engineering tools to combine external and internal data sources.

Published:March 24, 2022