DISH Wireless enables new 5G offerings with Oracle Service-Based Architecture

The wireless network provider turns to Oracle Service-Based Architecture to help with a greenfield network buildout.


Business challenges

With the rapid progression of 5G deployment, DISH Wireless sought a technology partner to help deploy a 5G network that could rapidly scale and adapt to emerging industry-specific 5G use cases.

Specifically, the company wanted to offer thousands of network slices, each with a tailored customer experience, that took advantage of network and subscriber-level service data. The goal was to give enterprise customers added control over the software and services they use, capitalizing on their own individual virtual network connection to manage their network traffic.

Why DISH Wireless chose Oracle

DISH Wireless selected Oracle Service-Based Architecture (SBA) for its industry-leading network control functions, which would allow DISH to easily create and manage custom, service-specific network slices, enabling enterprises to use portions of DISH’s 5G network for their individual use. This enables DISH to deliver powerful policy control, and provide granular access to third party-enterprise and web applications.


Using Oracle Service-Based Architecture and 5G cloud native technology to automate its network, DISH is now capable of supporting enterprise digital transformation journeys across an array of industries.

The agility of Oracle SBA enables DISH network services to be rapidly incorporated into new applications by DISH or DISH customers through automated, intelligent configurations between network functions. It also streamlines policy management for different applications and industry-vertical business models, such as manufacturing or telehealth.

These features have the ability support use cases such as enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable low latency communication, mobile Internet of Things, and user equipment policies. With support for DevOps principles and continuous integration and delivery, Oracle’s cloud native architecture enables DISH to reduce operational expenses and time to market for new services.

Published:January 27, 2022