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Globacom Saves Over 35,000 Call-Processing Minutes Daily and Improves Data for Decision-Making and Customer Service


Oracle Big Data Appliance enables us to capture, store, and analyze data that we were unable to access before. We now analyze network events 40x faster; create real-time, targeted marketing messages for data-plan users; and save 13 million call-center minutes per year by providing first-call resolution to more and more customers. There is no other platform that offers such performance.

— Jameel Mohammed, Group Chief Operating Officer, Globacom Limited

Globacom Limited, one of the fastest growing mobile communications companies in the world, operates under the brand GLO in West Africa. It is a leading provider of mobile telephony in Nigeria and also operates in Benin, Ghana, and Ivory Coast. Globacom is the first company to build an US$800 million, high-capacity, fiber-optic submarine cable from the United Kingdom to Nigeria, known as Glo-1, with landing points in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The initiative provides excess bandwidth to all cities connected to the cable—improving network and service quality and enabling a wide range of modern communications services, such as teleconferencing, distance learning, and telemedicine.

  • Optimize subscriber and network information processing to better understand subscriber behavior, improve subscriber retention, and increase cross-selling of mobile communications products and services
  • Strengthen analytics and reporting capabilities for better insight into customer preferences to improve decision-making related to promotions, welcome-back campaigns, and new service offerings
  • Enable customer-care agents to respond to customer queries regarding network faults, connection errors, and charging and service options in as close to real time as possible
  • Deployed Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2 Starter Rack to capture, store, organize, and analyze more than 1 billion call-data records per day, equivalent to 5 gigabytes of user-traffic information per second—regarding such things as terminated networks, event times and durations, event consumption, event cost, quality of service, web browsing, and network-performance
  • Used Oracle NoSQL Database, Community Edition to support advanced subscriber behavior analytics and integrate the results into established sales, marketing, and customer-care processes within minutes—improving the customer experience and helping Globacom retain and grow a profitable subscriber base
  • Reduced average query response time for network events from three minutes to five seconds by deploying  Oracle partner mCentric’s xDR Navigator, which combines preprocessing of large data volumes with the advanced data analysis and real-time query capabilities of Oracle NoSQL Database, Community Edition—enabling call center agents to provide fast and reliable answers in support interactions
  • Improved first call resolution by equipping call-center staff, thanks to xDR Navigator with critical subscriber information for each caller—such as voice-call-charging details and session quality-of- service information within seconds of the terminating network event—saving 35,000 call minutes per day, equivalent to more than 80 customer service representatives working full time
  • Standardized disparate formats of IT and telecommunication network events from a multitude of core network providers into more than 150 reportable attributes—such as internal process failures, capacity bottlenecks, subscriber behavior, and fraud risk—to deliver enterprisewide business insights and help optimize marketing campaigns, service offerings, and business-expansion strategies
  • Collaborated with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services to benefit from Oracle’s experience with thousands of deployments worldwide, shortening the time to deploy the solution from four months to ten weeks


Oracle Big Data Appliance works well for very large amounts of structured and unstructured data. It is the most agile events-storage system for our collect-it-now and analyze-it-later set of business requirements. Moreover, choosing a prebuilt solution drastically reduced implementation time. We got the big data benefits without needing to assemble and tune a custom-built system, and without the hidden costs required to maintain a large number of servers in our data center. A single support license covers both the hardware and the integrated software, and we have one central point of contact for support.

— Sanjib Roy, CTO, Globacom Limited


It took only five days for Oracle partner mCentric to deploy Oracle Big Data Appliance, perform the software install and configuration, certification, and resiliency testing. The entire process—from site planning to phase-I, go-live—was executed in just over ten weeks, well ahead of the four months allocated to complete the project.

Oracle partner mCentric leveraged Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services’ implementation methodology to ensure configurations are tailored for peak performance, all patches are applied, and software and communications are consistently tested using proven methodologies and best practices.

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“Collaborating with Oracle partner mCentric was essential for the success of our deployment. We had been analyzing vendors and options for more than a year when mCentric came onboard. The company has extensive experience in telecommunications and fully understood our business needs—its telecommunications-specific, big-data deployment model and big-data insight applications helped us carry out the implementation with exceptional speed and without disrupting our day-to-day work,” Roy said.

“This is a marketplace where everyone talks about big data but very few organizations have actually deployed full-scale production solutions. To process billions of transactions per day serving two distinct paradigms—online queries and continuous analytics—and deliver a measureable return on investment, we see Oracle Big Data Appliance as the optimized platform with integrated management capabilities that enables customers to scale with zero disruption as their requirements grow,” said Kevin Daly, CEO, mCentric, Ltd.

Published:  May 23, 2014