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Oracle Customer Success — VAS2Nets Technologies Ltd.

VAS2Nets Technologies Ltd.

VAS2Nets Technologies Implements Secure Database Backup and Storage Solution


Our databases are now safe, accessible, reliable, secure, and fast with Oracle Database Cloud Backup Service. In addition, we now have a certified backup solution, a requirement in Nigeria for doing business with telecommunications companies.

— Fatiregun Olubunmi, Head Value Added Services & Infrastructure, VAS2Nets Technologies Ltd.

VAS2Nets Technologies Replaces Offsite Manual Backup with Oracle’s High-Availability and Secure Cloud Backup Solution

VAS2Nets Technologies Ltd. is a leading developer of consumer and enterprise mobile value added services for more than 1,000 enterprise-level customers in Nigeria and ten mobile operator customers across Nigeria, Ghana, and the United Kingdom. VAS2Nets delivers and manages many types of mobile products and services, including voice, broadcast, and content delivery via streaming engines for clients that include mobile operators, consumer brands, content providers, and consumers. VAS2Nets also provides applications for customer-facing payment gateways and telecom integration for banks.

Managing more than 200 services across an active subscriber base of over 80 million, VAS2Nets’ backup strategy—manual, offsite, on hard drives—was just too unreliable. A long term Oracle Database customer, VAS2Nets sought a secure, reliable cloud solution for their Oracle and non-Oracle data.

  • Implement a reliable and stable disaster recovery cloud solution that meets business continuity needs, ensuring availability of client mobile communities, enterprise mobility, and mobile content services
  • Create a robust and secure backup plan for database copy recovery with a cloud destination, avoiding unnecessary exposure to risk due to lack of failover options associated with offsite-only disaster recovery storage
  • Eliminate possibility of exposing customer data to theft or compromise due to existing backup approach of shipping data offsite and sending an employee with a hard drive to and from the data location to perform a manual backup
  • Overcome inability to access clients’ media and communications data during manual backups with a cloud solution that with only an Internet connection, permits backup to occur anytime, anywhere—meaning data is no longer out of reach but is always accessible and available
  • Provide certification of online data backup, a mandatory requirement of the Nigerian government for doing business with communications companies in the country
  • Moved all Oracle and non-Oracle telecommunications data—10 TB from databases, applications and office related activities spanning over 30 servers—to the Oracle Cloud with Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service, leveraging a robust and reliable platform that offers automatic three-way data mirroring with an unlimited number of backups
  • Created monthly backups of telecommunications data as required by Nigerian government regulations within 4 hours using Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service, a process which previously took 48 hours to complete
  • Gained the ability to access vital enterprise data at any time, especially useful in cases of emergency where it previously required around 5 hours to recover offsite backups
  • Increased accessibility to all data related to the short message service (SMS), multimedia messaging service (MMS), voice, internet and media solutions, and services VAS2Net offers its clients from anywhere, at any time, while also protecting the data from local failures since backups are stored offsite in the cloud
  • Ensured backups are secure and protected against unauthorized access before the data is transmitted with Recovery Manager (RMAN) encryption at the source (keys are kept locally for maximum protection), fulfilling the government requirement that all vendors working with communication companies provide online data backup
  • Enabled deployment of cloud backup and recovery operations within 24 hours with minimal changes to VAS2Net’s existing infrastructure by leveraging Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service’s straightforward installation process and familiar RMAN commands to instantly back up data to the cloud
  • Saved valuable time staff spent each month traveling offsite to back up client data manually by instead storing backups in the Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service, providing continuous accessibility, reducing downtime for restores since data is no longer stored offsite, and eliminating lengthy retrieval times
  • Saved time spent on manual backup operations using Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service to perform cloud backup and recovery tasks within minutes by simply configuring the Oracle Cloud destination
  • Achieved a successful deployment implementing Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service in two days and within budget
  • Created and updated data backups with little or no operator involvement, allowing IT staff to focus on more innovative work for the mobile communities, enterprise mobility, and mobile content verticals whom VAS2Net serves


Since we have always used Oracle Databases with much success, we know the benefit of using Oracle technology: stability, speed, reliability, and flexibility. That is precisely what we are looking for.

— Fatiregun Olubunmi, Head Value Added Services & Infrastructure, VAS2Nets Technologies Ltd.

About VAS2Nets Technologies Ltd.


Lagos, Nigeria



Annual Revenue

Under US$100 million

VAS2Nets Technologies Ltd. is a leading developer of consumer and enterprise mobile value added services with offices in Nigeria, United Kingdom, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Cameroon, Zambia, and Gambia. The company provides services such as bulk Short Message Service (SMS), mobility solutions, media content, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and billing and payment solutions to telecommunications providers.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  May 09, 2017