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Oracle Fusion Cloud Project Management is a solution within Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP that helps you keep your workforce engaged by connecting the right people to the right projects, support your organization’s goals with a clear view of financial performance across your project portfolio, and quickly adapt to changing requirements so your clients stay happy.

Effortlessly manage projects

Regardless of your level of experience, you can easily use the high performance drag-and-drop functionality to plan and schedule your projects in one place and allocate the right resources at the right time.

Match project talent to the right assignments

The innovative search and match capability helps you find the best-fit resource for your projects by filtering by role, skills, and location. Suitable candidates are evaluated and scored automatically based on their fit for each project assignment. Efficiently review your options with easy-to-understand visual indicators and side-by-side views.

Balance resources and demand

Use intuitive drag-and-drop Gantt charts to keep an eye on your team’s workload across multiple project schedules and make timely staffing changes based on availability. Always have an updated view of projects, skills, and utilization so you can easily balance your people capacity against project demands.

Seamlessly manage programs

For larger customer engagements, organize projects under programs to coordinate key initiatives. Centralize analysis for stakeholders while managing specific deliverables at the project level to easily oversee the collective efforts of diverse business functions.

Efficiently manage and control costs

Streamline processing with a best-in-class project financial management solution. Always have the most up-to-date view of committed and actual costs, whether you’re billing clients or tracking internal costs to reduce your administrative overhead.

Flexible billing and revenue management

Maximize your organization’s cash flow and fulfill your customers’ needs quickly with automated project billing. The sophisticated billing and revenue management capabilities comply with customer contract terms and conditions, invoice project clients promptly, and streamline project revenue recognition.

Ensure contract compliance

Gain full control over contracts, rates, and limits definition, as well as when and how to recognize revenue and generate invoices, while having the freedom to plan and execute project work independently.

Empower project team members

Enable project team members to automate routine tasks such as managing tasks, deliverables, and capturing time remotely. The powerful assistive conversational interface allows you to simply ask questions and issue commands through Oracle Digital Assistant, which learns from the overall context to tailor interactions.

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