POS System for Small Business—Simphony Essentials

Simphony Essentials*, our POS system for small business restaurants, is built with independent restaurateurs in mind and designed to meet the needs of ambitious entrepreneurs. Now integrated with GloriaFood and based on everything we've learned from thousands of customers worldwide, our POS system for small business restaurants is fast to set up and easy to operate. You'll love how intuitive the design is, and so will your team.

*Limited availability. Check with your sales team for availability in your country.

Does your POS have these key features to help increase online sales and reduce costs? Discover how the Oracle GloriaFood and Simphony POS integration can help.

Oracle GloriaFood Features

Oracle Simphony is an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that connects every guest interaction with back of house. Automate day-to-day inventory counting, margin performance, and customer service with ease. Our integrated suite of tools gives users a full picture into how they can save money, reduce waste, and much more.

Introducing the GloriaFood and Simphony POS integration

The integration of Oracle GloriaFood and Simphony POS provides restaurateurs with a complete digital restaurant management platform to increase online order sales, eliminate the need for restaurant staff to manually key orders into Simphony point of sale, and automate order data flow to the kitchen.

Automate your restaurant's business operations by populating and maintaining online menus from the point of sale. In the case of a menu item change, out of stock, or price change, the data only needs to be updated in Simphony (the POS).

Essential features on a secure, user-friendly platform

Don't let the name fool you, this POS system for small business restaurants is based on the best technology on the market—Simphony Point of Sale from Oracle. If you've outgrown your tablet-based POS and are ready to grow your business with confidence, Simphony Essentials has you covered:

  • Online ordering out of the box and unlimited delivery channels
  • Powerful analytics and dashboards for decisions on the go
  • Easy menu management for all your channels
  • Incredibly reliable and fully supported 24/7/365
  • Up and running fast

Take orders from anywhere

Expand your sales channels with website, mobile, and third-party delivery orders. Ensure you always have a single view from your POS.

  • Accept orders from your website or app, a 3rd party like Uber Eats or Deliveroo, or social media
  • Orders route through Simphony Essentials, informing your kitchen and customers of order status

Keep payment processing costs under control

Oracle Payment Cloud Service is an end-to-end payment solution that allows you to accept payments from consumers no matter how they want to pay: debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. Oracle Payment Cloud Service is integrated out of the box with Simphony, putting all your transactions, roundtrip payment data, and associated costs in a single reporting and analytics dashboard. This means front-of-house managers and the back-office team are in alignment, 24/7/365 regarding revenue, sales and bank deposits.

Our payment processing fees are fixed, and we have no hidden service fees. Our contract terms of flexible with no long-term commitment required. If you're not selling food, we're not charging you.

Manage your menu in one place

Nothing is more tedious than data entry. With Simphony Essentials, you manage your menu for every channel on a single POS system for small business.

  • Manage in-house and online menus, pricing, promotions, and more from a single app
  • Send changes to all or selected locations based on order type
  • Tailor your curbside and delivery menu for maximum profit
  • Adjust pricing or service fees based on where order is from and whether it is delivery or pickup
  • Define offers for a specific timeframe or location and send in a single click

Run an efficient kitchen

The more places your customers can order from, the more complicated your kitchen can get. Connect your Simphony Essentials POS to our kitchen display system and get your kitchen running at full capacity.

  • Create rules for order preparation based on delivery or pickup promise times
  • Define how orders are received based on criteria such as order size or type

Don't agonize over analytics

Each new sales channel you open or menu item you add is another data point to analyze. If you're ambitious and love trying new things, the built-in pos system for small business reporting and analytics in Simphony Essentials ensures you always have a pulse on your business performance.

  • Get sales and margin data across all your channels
  • Understand profitability by time of day, menu item, and team member
  • Access your restaurant analytics from any device
  • Send mobile alerts to managers to keep labor costs in line
  • Create dashboards and reports for all your business partners

Lots of integration options

Oracle offers a complete POS system for small business restaurant operators through GloriaFood's online ordering system and Simphony Essentials. But if you have a solution provider you love and want to keep, we probably integrate with them. Our integration ecosystem has your unique needs covered.

  • Mobile payment processing
  • Online ordering and delivery
  • Gift and loyalty program management
  • Employee scheduling and labor management
  • Multilocation menu management

$1 POS Hardware

Upgrade your POS system to Simphony and get one of our durable, purpose-built restaurant hardware solutions for $1.

Simphony Essentials POS tutorials

Simphony Essentials comes preconfigured for quick service restaurants, table service restaurants, or bars and pubs. Servers, managers, and administrators can find training videos for their restaurant type below.

  • Quick service restaurants (QSRs)

    When tuned for quick service restaurants, Simphony Essentials is optimized to allow for rapid order intake with quick menu item identification. This allows customers to get their order quickly and the restaurant to serve more customers, faster.
  • Table service restaurants (TSRs)

    When tuned for table service restaurants, Simphony Essentials provides speed of service for dine-in customers, while also helping improve ordering efficiency and customer engagement.
  • Bars and pubs

    When tuned for bars and pubs, Simphony Essentials POS provides fast service in a busy bar environment. It helps ensure that bartenders and servers can quickly identify menu items and focus on customer service.

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