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Healthcare Provider Solutions

Use your data to deliver patient-centered care that creates better patient experiences, reduces per capita cost, increases clinician satisfaction, and improves population heath. Plan your business, operate your system, and more easily meet healthcare compliance requirements with a single view of HR and financial data.

How healthcare business operations hold the key to crisis recovery.

Kaiser Permanente improves the employee experience for its more than 220,000 employees
Providence St. Joseph Health consolidates 14 ERP systems and simplifies business processes
Adventist Health integrates acquired clinics faster and standardizes operating practices with Oracle Cloud
Texas Children’s Hospital evolves its supply chain practices to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic
Turning Point accelerates patient access to addiction and mental illness treatments with Oracle Cloud CX

Give your healthcare teams the support they need to deliver great patient care

Plan and operate more effectively with a single financial management system and a patient-centered supply chain

Bring consistency to financial data and processes across your health system. Use your data to reduce per capita cost and more easily implement new business models. Make procurement and inventory management more efficient and responsive.

Explore Healthcare Finance and Operations

Empower your teams to deliver great care and build HR processes that improve clinician satisfaction

Create HR processes and an employee experience that reflect your values; promote diversity, equity, and inclusion; and help clinical and nonclinical staff grow in their careers.

Explore Healthcare Human Capital Management

Deliver personalized customer experiences with communications when and where your patients want them

Take an integrated, coordinated approach to the healthcare customer experience. Quickly resolve questions and service requests, and automate patient-centered outreach.

Maximize IT investments with secure, compliant cloud computing

Migrate key systems of record to the cloud to improve performance and cut costs. Build innovative applications and AI solutions that improve patient outcomes.

Explore Cloud Computing for Healthcare

“If we can make it way more efficient for our leaders to have the information they need, then they have more time to live our mission.”

John Beaman

Chief Business Officer, Adventist Health

Use your data to deliver better patient outcomes and a healthier bottom line

Put healthcare analytics to work for patients

Use the latest technologies and data science tools to do much faster analysis in a secure, compliant environment. Build evidence-based care models and understand how to reduce costs and increase service-line profitability.

Explore Healthcare Analytics and AI

Remove duplicate data across health record platforms

Use probabilistic matching algorithms to resolve data issues across different clinical and back-office platforms. Improve efficiency, safety, and patient care.

Explore Oracle Healthcare Master Person Index

Manage research programs that have multiple funding sources

Improve your visibility into all aspects of research projects and grants. Track and report on public and private funding sources, and meet requirements for grant eligibility, tracking indirect costs, and requesting funds.

Explore Grants Management

Build the foundation for a health information exchange

Integrate, normalize, and manage patient information across multiple systems to improve care coordination across providers, insurers, and public health organizations.

Explore Oracle Healthcare Data Repository

“There has been a massive shift. Data is now central to all our new programs, and data governance is at the heart of everything we do.”

Nina Monckton

Head of Information Services, NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA)

Simplify month-end compliance reporting and analysis

Build a single system to manage clinical, safety, and regulatory reporting processes across all your clinics. Improve decision-making with a multidimensional view of your data.

Explore Oracle Healthcare Foundation

Perform comprehensive data analyses to understand the impact of treatments and to deliver precision medicine

Take advantage of a data model to combine clinical, financial, and other data while protecting patient privacy. Easily analyze multiple types of molecular data using existing references and public domain study data—including next generation sequencing, genotyping, and gene expression.

Explore Oracle Healthcare Translational Research

Embracing telemedicine now and in the future

Katherine Vandebelt, Oracle Global Head of Clinical Innovation

Telemedicine and virtual care are not new practices, but they have been underutilized in the past. The pandemic has brought telemedicine to the forefront as doctors care for their patients without them having to travel to an office or facility. But how exactly are telemedicine and virtual care being used in medicine and clinical research today, and will they still be widely used after the pandemic ends?

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Product recalls: How to improve safety and reduce risks

Get best practices for cutting costs and risk from your healthcare supply chain, improving productivity, and better supporting your core mission.

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Anthem and Clover Health discuss the future of healthcare billing

Listen to practitioners from Anthem and Clover Health share their views on how to go digital, work more closely with government plans, and simplify healthcare billing.

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Can machine learning and AI head off heart attacks and strokes?

Machine learning (ML) and AI could help reduce strokes and heart attacks. But using those tools—only beginning to be widely applied in healthcare—will take planning, coordination, and education.

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