Product tour—Strengthen your HR programs with Oracle ME

Strengthen your HR programs with Oracle ME (my experience)

Oracle ME, part of Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, is a complete employee experience platform you can use to deliver personalized communications, workflow guidance, and pulse surveys to enhance HR processes and programs, such as benefits enrollment.

Elevate the benefits enrollment experience with Oracle ME

See how Oracle ME delivers an engaging experience for benefits enrollment with personalized communications to increase participation, tailored guidance to help employees make the best decisions, and built-in surveys to understand areas for improvement.

Build communication campaigns to inform and promote enrollment

Plan communication campaigns and define your audience based on workforce data managed in Oracle Cloud HCM. Build messages advising employees about enrollment timelines and where to find information, ensuring that help is available throughout the process.

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Deliver messages to drive action and higher response rates

Provide additional guidance and support by sending personalized communications–email and SMS–embedded with links to Oracle Journeys. Deliver targeted follow-up emails, text messages, or both–encouraging enrollment, promoting voluntary benefits, and publicizing the resources available to every employee.

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Give personalized guidance to make the best choices

Provide step-by-step workflow guidance to prepare employees and help them make the best decisions for their health benefits—tailored to their individual needs.

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Know the impact of your messages and guidance

Track and analyze who reads your communications and acts on your guidance. Retarget follow-up messages based on real-time information.

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Capture feedback via surveys for ongoing improvement and ideas

Give employees a way to voice what worked, explain what can be improved, and make suggestions during their enrollment journey.

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Build better employee experiences across the enterprise

Oracle ME, part of Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, is a complete employee experience platform to help you deliver personalized and flexible experiences across business functions, including human capital management, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, and customer experience—all in a single cloud application suite that is designed for change and built for you.