Product Tour—Oracle Workforce Management

Oracle Workforce Management

Manage your workforce with greater control and reduced risk using a complete HR solution that links time, labor, leave management, and health and safety data with payroll, financial, and personnel data.

Optimize your resources using AI

Reduce labor costs and remain compliant using an AI scheduling assistant that has the most complete picture of your customers’ needs and your frontline workers’ skills and preferences.

Give workers the flexibility and predictability they’re looking for

Give workers the autonomy to self-schedule, pick up extra hours, release hours, or swap shifts with a qualified coworker. Let workers specify their preferred times to work and locations to inform labor scheduling.

Track labor for your entire workforce

Track labor accurately for your entire workforce, including salaried, hourly, union, project-based, and contingent workers, all in one global system. Gain insight into total global labor costs and productivity. Easily allocate employees’ time to projects and ensure accuracy through unification with Oracle’s project costing and grant management solutions.

Provide a smarter web clock

Provide an intelligent web clock that enables easy online or offline time capture, configurable punch patterns, intraday transfers, authentication of time worked, and automated attestation capabilities.

Prevent compliance violations

Configure smart compliance alerts when certain actions have occurred or have not been taken, and notify workers, managers, or administrators to take action to help prevent costly compliance violations.

Handle complex overtime and premium calculations

Avoid data latency and integrity concerns with a native cloud that connects HR employment data such as employment schedules, pay rates, job eligibility, seniority, and union rules to determine proper pay and compliance calculations.

Track absences for your entire workforce

Track absences for your entire workforce globally and manage the unique needs of specific countries and absence types—whether it's adhering to statutory sick pay in the UK or the Family and Medical Leave Act in the US.

Provide a smarter, modern, engaging user experience through Oracle Digital Assistant, and get quick access to view your absence balances.

Analyze and understand the impact of absenteeism

Reduce direct and indirect costs associated with absenteeism by analyzing trends around unplanned absences and their impact on productivity.

Improve worker safety with the Internet of Things

Connect Oracle Time and Labor to improve operational efficiency by tracking and managing workers in real time through location tracking, movement monitoring, and geo-fencing. Improve worker health and safety by broadcasting notifications to workers, and leverage analytics and tracked patterns to prevent future incidents.

Prioritize employee safety and stability

Create a safe, stable work environment with an easy way to track and record health and safety incidents—helping you minimize exposure and react quickly. Employees can add additional context to an incident by taking pictures or filling out notes.

Easily digest and understand the issues at hand, initiate investigations with guidance provided by questionnaires, and follow up with actions and alerts to engage the broader organization.

Analyze workplace health and safety trends

Identify health and safety trends in the workplace, and get the analysis and reporting you need for compliance and internal metrics with embedded analytics.

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