Brand Positioning and Messaging

The key to effective brand communications is a strong positioning platform: the single, central idea that will become the foundation for why customers should use your brand. This must be underpinned by clear and compelling insight into your customers and their needs, concerns, and motivations. Oracle’s frameworks, insights, and analytics can provide this understanding.

Brand positioning and messaging solutions

Effective communication requires science and marketing expertise

Oracle has a distinct point of view on brand building in life sciences. The first essential component is a clear articulation of what your brand is, based on the science that underpins your product and the clinical data that supports it. However, the science alone isn’t enough. It is also important to tap into what your brand means to your customers, based on a key customer need or belief and the perceived value your brand provides. Oracle Life Sciences consultants combine scientific understanding with marketing insights to help you build an effective positioning and messaging platform.

Leverage existing knowledge for a solid foundation

Data evaluation is key to establishing context, understanding industry knowns, and developing hypotheses that can be validated through primary research. Our data assimilation process utilizes trusted proprietary data sources such as Oracle Life Sciences National Health and Wellness Survey and Oracle Life Sciences Epi Database, combined with information drawn from your organization.

National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS)

With over 2.5 million respondents having participated since its inception, the NHWS provides patient-reported data and national projections on more than 200 conditions in 12 countries to help size market opportunities, measure costs, and gain insights into disease-specific segments.

Epi Database

We utilize Epi Database, the gold standard of reliable epidemiological data. This provides an unsurpassed breadth of coverage, spanning up to 230 indications, and up to 21 therapeutic areas in 13 countries, including key emerging markets.

Validate and fine-tune with integrated research

Conducting primary research

We conduct primary research using qualitative and quantitative methods to capture customer perceptions, gauge responses to potential positioning, and fine-tune messaging. Behavioral science is integral to our research, backed by the varied expertise of a dedicated qualitative research team.

Optimizing brand positioning

We can help you determine the strongest elements for your brand identity, prioritize messaging platforms, and identify essential messaging components. Our insights and guidance help you to differentiate your brand, maximize impact, and preserve intangible assets such as corporate reputation and market position.

This research has been fundamental in shaping a fresh strategy, actioned into a new and different campaign that will become the blueprint for expert material going forward.

Global Insights Lead, Life Sciences Company

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