Market Access and Health Economics

Gaining market access requires a deep understanding of payers and their needs, plus a strong evidence strategy. Our data and expertise can help you develop a compelling and robust value proposition that supports your approach.

Market access and health economics solutions

Our advanced market insights support the development of compelling value propositions and pricing strategies to help ensure enduring treatment access.

A flexible, holistic methodology

Our holistic approach supports the development of strong value propositions that resonate with all stakeholders. Our experts can provide key data and insights to help shape your market access strategy. We combine local and global market access knowledge to create a firm foundation for better value propositions, pricing strategies, and health technology assessment processes in different health systems worldwide.

Modeling solutions that exceed stakeholder needs

We offer comprehensive health economic modeling solutions to support decision-making, generating relevant evidence to help accelerate the reimbursement process.

Connected clinical and real-world solutions

Our experts help you to secure the best pricing and reimbursement for your value proposition. We provide connected clinical and real-world solutions to prepare for your submission, which includes generating publications in peer-reviewed medical journals. With more than 2,000 publications, including manuscripts, posters and abstracts, to our name, we pride ourselves on the depth of our therapeutic knowledge.

Proprietary and diverse data sets for unprecedented insight

We have access to a variety of proprietary data sources, including the Oracle Life Sciences National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS) and Oracle EHR Real-World Data, with the latter containing more than 108 million patient records. We also offer access to comprehensive claims databases in the United States, France. and Germany, plus local data sources in countries including Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

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