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NRI Delivers Sovereign Cloud and AI Capabilities in Japan with Oracle Alloy

NRI operates Oracle Alloy independently in its data centers in Japan to help address digital sovereignty requirements

Austin, Texas—May 14, 2024

Nomura Research Institute (NRI), a leading global provider of consulting services and system solutions, has deployed Oracle Alloy in its data centers to help its customers move to the cloud faster and more securely. With Oracle Alloy, NRI’s customers now have access to more than 100 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services, including the latest AI capabilities. Oracle is the only hyperscaler capable of delivering AI and a full suite of 100+ cloud services across dedicated, public, and hybrid cloud environments, anywhere in the world.

After the successful migration of its financial SaaS solutions to OCI Dedicated Region in its Tokyo and Osaka data centers, NRI experienced growing demand from its customers for managed cloud solutions that could support financial governance and digital sovereignty requirements. With Oracle Alloy, NRI meets this demand by offering the full set of OCI services and operating them independently in its data centers. Combined with atlax, NRI’s managed service that provides comprehensive management and monitoring of networks and cybersecurity across system environments, Oracle Alloy’s full cloud capabilities will enable NRI’s customers to realize a range of modernization and transformation initiatives while also addressing financial and data residency requirements.

“With Oracle Alloy, we provide new, customized cloud services while also helping our customers take advantage of the latest OCI services and technologies to move their existing systems to the cloud and modernize them,” said Shigekazu Ohmoto, senior corporate managing director, NRI. “In addition, we plan to utilize OCI’s AI infrastructure to deliver sovereign AI capabilities to our customers and expand the development of our AI applications. This will further benefit the growth of our business while contributing to the success of our customers.”

“NRI has been pushing the boundaries with its forward-looking technology strategy for some time and it’s been a privilege to collaborate with its team,” said Karan Batta, senior vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “With Oracle Alloy, NRI can provide new services and additional business value to its financial services customers in Japan. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with NRI to bring cloud services to more customers in Japan.”

Oracle recently announced plans to increase local customer support of its public cloud regions in Tokyo and Osaka and its local operations teams for Oracle Alloy and OCI Dedicated Region. This will enable governments and businesses across Japan to continue to move their mission-critical workloads to the Oracle Cloud and embrace sovereign AI solutions. Oracle sovereign cloud and AI services can be delivered securely within a country’s borders or an organization’s premises with a range of operational controls.


Oracle’s Distributed Cloud Delivers the Benefits of Cloud with Greater Control and Flexibility

OCI’s distributed cloud lineup supports:

  • Dedicated cloud: Customers can run all OCI cloud services in their own data centers with OCI Dedicated Region, while partners can resell OCI cloud services and customize the experience using Oracle Alloy. Oracle also operates separate U.S., UK, and Australian Government Clouds, and Isolated Cloud Regions for U.S. national security purposes. Each of these products provide a full cloud and AI stack that customers can deploy as a Sovereign Cloud.
  • Hybrid cloud: OCI delivers key cloud services on-premises via Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer and Compute Cloud@Customer and is already managing deployments in over 60 countries.
  • Public cloud: Forty-nine hyperscale public cloud regions serve any size of organization, including those requiring strict EU sovereignty controls. See the full list of regions here.
  • Multicloud: Options including Oracle Database@Azure, MySQL HeatWave on AWS, and Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure allow customers to combine key capabilities from across clouds.

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