Retail Supply Chain Management

Effective retail supply chain management could be worth several percentage points of profitability. Align planning decisions with demand forecasting, inventory management, and receipt flow to drive profitable allocation and replenishment, supply chain execution, and order fulfillment.

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Eight best practices and tips for retail inventory management

Key use cases for global supply chain solutions

  • Improve retail supply chain decisions

    Maximize forecast accuracy for the entire product lifecycle with next-generation retail science paired with exception-driven processes.

  • Reduce working capital with inventory optimization

    Optimize daily replenishment decisions, aligning the actual service level to targets with the minimum amount of inventory.

  • Leverage real-time inventory management

    Instantly access accurate store-stock data to execute consistent, efficient, and effective in-store processes and procedures.

  • Drive allocation decisions with retail science

    Deliver products to the right place at the right time with a powerful, accurate, and easy-to-use method of allocating merchandise.

Retail supply chain software features

Choose a retail supply chain solution that helps you shift from efficiency to resilience while managing inventory.

Maximize forecast accuracy with Retail Demand Forecasting

Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting, our demand forecasting engine, has been integrated into Retail Inventory Planning Optimization Cloud Service and includes Oracle Retail AI Foundation (PDF), which provides analytical insights to drive planning, buying, moving of inventory, and selling decisions. These capabilities help retailers increase profits and remain flexible amid the changing retail environment.

Get accurate forecasts to coordinate demand-driven outcomes

With a single view of demand, Retail Demand Forecasting provides value across retail processes, including driving optimal strategies in planning, increasing inventory productivity in retail supply chains, decreasing operational costs, and driving customer satisfaction from engagement to sale to fulfillment.

With Retail Demand Forecasting, Oracle distilled more than 15 years of forecasting experience across hundreds of retailers worldwide into a comprehensive solution that maximizes forecast accuracy for the entire product lifecycle. Retail Demand Forecasting has added additional capabilities and evolved into Retail Inventory Planning Optimization Cloud Service.

Demand Forecasting

Inventory Planning Optimization Cloud Service empowers retailers to more accurately predict demand

Empower retailers to better predict demand and optimize it throughout an item’s lifecycle. The solution can react to changes in consumer behavior by adjusting inventory deployment and demand methodologies to ensure the right products and the right quantities are in the right place at the right time. The solution also:

  • Helps fuel profitable growth by optimizing costs with unified, end-to-end, and integrated supply chain plans
  • Provides transparency across the entire supply chain
  • Enables analytical processes so end users can understand and engage with the forecast
  • Seamlessly adapts to recent trends, seasonality, out-of-stocks, and promotions
  • Leverages AI and machine learning to continuously learn from past data
  • Enhances allocation accuracy and drives replenishment precision
  • Recommends scaled order quantities that maximize truck utilization
Inventory Optimization

Retail Store Inventory Operations ensures accurate inventory

Gain enterprisewide visibility to stores’ inventory position

Connect in real time to third-party solutions and technologies that update inventory such as RFID, fresh item management solutions, or electronic shelves. These prebuilt integrations and open connection points eliminate the need for nightly batch processing and delays in sharing of real-time inventory availability. With real-time access to store inventory data across the organization, business decisions are based on accurate, real-time information.

Optimize store associate operations to support accurate inventory

Drive efficiency and automation for your associates on the shop floor and in the backroom. Provide a simple, predictable, and repeatable set of processes for managing real-time perpetual inventory.

Support in-store associate mobility and flexibility

Provide a mobile workflow and access to store associates to execute all inventory-related processes throughout the shop floor and backroom. Intuitive dashboards provide store management the tools to monitor and correct inventory events in real time.

Store Inventory Operations

Drive faster business growth with warehouse management

Improve workforce productivity

Reduce labor inefficiencies, raise overall manufacturing performance, and improve accuracy with better visibility into workforce operations.

Integrate and automate warehouse operations

Increase scalability and integrate with warehouse automation to support demand spikes and high-volume order fulfillment. Optimize warehouse tasks to improve throughput, order processing times, and ship products faster.

Reduce inventory costs

Manage inventory across all distribution centers and yard locations, and reduce material write-offs.

Support new sales channels

Enable customers to buy, fulfill, and return anywhere through omnichannel fulfillment, and achieve complete inventory visibility across warehouses to reduce stockouts, and provide excellent customer service.

Oracle Retail Data Store helps leverage retail data

Oracle Retail Data Store is a low-cost, low-code environment that enables retailers to innovate, take control of their data, and extend the capabilities of their Oracle Retail cloud services.

Oracle Retail Data Store is highly scalable and configurable to support the constantly changing retail landscape. It consolidates data on sales, inventory, pricing, promotions, customers, orders, demand, fulfillment, items, suppliers, consumers, and channels to support a retailer’s unique business processes and journeys.

Retail Data Store includes powerful tools to leverage all of this data

  • Oracle Retail Home
  • Oracle Analytics
  • Oracle APEX
  • Oracle REST Data Services

Data store

Oracle Retail AI Foundation

Leverage core retail AI and ML to make decisions on assortments, offers, inventory placement, forecasts, planning, buying, pricing, etc.

  • Forecasting engine: Provides an intelligent starting point for your planners to increase automation and accuracy.
  • Customer segmentation: Groups customers based on attributes, behaviors, and transactions to tailor offers, pricing, and assortments.
  • Advanced clustering (PDF): Clusters your stores based on traditional approaches of volume, square footage, and region, or leverages ML to cluster stores based on similar selling patterns.
  • Profile science: Determines the best size ratio for your buys by understanding the true demand of your sizes, considering stockouts.
  • Attribute extraction and binning: Extracts item attributes from free-form descriptions, corrects short forms, misspellings, and other inconsistencies, and applies them appropriately.
  • Affinity analysis (PDF): Determines how items interact with each other for an effective promotional strategy within your financial planning process.
  • Innovation workbench: Leverages open source along with your data science team to create your own AI and ML models.
Retail AI

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