Opower Engagement

Opower customer engagement solutions apply AI and behavioral science to accelerate decarbonization goals by getting the attention of busy utility customers, personally connecting with them, and motivating them to act at scale.

IDC names Oracle a Leader in utility customer engagement.

Opower engagement products

More than 150 utilities have deployed Opower engagement products to meet their demand-side targets, digitally self-serve, maximize advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) investments, promote new programs and services, and increase customer satisfaction.

Web and mobile experiences

Flexible deployment options—including widgets embedded directly into utility websites, seamless single sign-on pages, and APIs—give utilities unparalleled abilities to reach customers where they are.

Neighbor comparison

Allows customers to gauge their energy consumption against similar homes.

Bill forecast and comparison

Shows customers their projected usage and/or cost for the current billing period, and benchmarks current bills against previous ones.

Home energy audits

Drive deeper engagement with customers about their energy use by promoting and making it easy to complete a home energy audit.

Data browser

Helps customers visualize and explore their energy behavior, trends, and costs with appealing graphics and revealing insights.

Ways to save

A comprehensive library of energy-saving tips, personalized for customers, show the best recommendations for their homes.

Targeted web marketing

Leverage a dynamic segmentation tool to target program promotions, deliver timely announcements, and drive important web actions.

High bill alerts (HBAs)

Identify customers trending towards a high bill and automatically send alerts with personalized energy insights, energy efficiency tips, and program promotions to help them save.

Weekly energy updates

Powered by smart meter data, Opower weekly updates surface additional insights, such as day-by-day energy benchmarking—helping customers answer billing questions without contacting the call center.

Rate education reports

Paper and digital reports educate customers about new rates and proactively inform them what rate plan is best based on personalized analysis of past energy use.

Rate analysis tool

Provides an overview of options and personalized cost forecasts for different rate plans. Customers complete a simple questionnaire and look at how changing energy habits would impact the costs for each plan.

SMBs and commercial customers

Opower offers engagement products for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and commercial customers provide personalized experiences, deliver targeted marketing, and increase adoption of digital experiences and programs.

SMUD enhances mobile engagement with an assist from Opower

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) uses Opower DSS-EM in its mobile app to ensure a seamless web experience and to strengthen customer relationships.

Opower engagement benefits

01Move customers to digital channels

Digitally engaged utility customers share more information, participate in more programs, and are more satisfied.

02Deliver on AMI business cases

Achieve measurable customer value from AMI deployments by driving cost savings and managing demand peaks at scale.

03Extract more value from AMI data

Derive actionable insights, such as customer load archetypes, appliance-level usage disaggregation, and electric vehicle (EV) detection.

04Improve customer satisfaction

Raise customer satisfaction scores an average of 5 to 8%.

“Customers Don’t Speak Kilowatt Hours” – but utilities can talk their language

Paul McDonald, Senior Director, Opower Product Strategy

Digital engagement allows utilities to tap into the customer data they have to deliver a better overall experience.

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