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With Oracle Fusion Cloud CX, more than 90% of our orders are fully automated and can be completed within minutes. Our cloud unifies marketing, sales, service, and advertising across Oracle to deliver an exceptional customer experience, where every interaction matters.


We’re ready to help you reimagine customer experience

With Oracle CX, we improved customer experience from end-to-end. By aligning sales, marketing, and service, we sped up campaign launches, reduced sales research, doubled lead conversion, and shortened service for our customers. Let share how we did it, and what we learned along the way.

Products used: Oracle CX, Oracle Marketing, Oracle Sales, Oracle Commerce, Oracle Service, Oracle CX Platform

What’s Oracle@Oracle

Service means everything to customers—from almost instant deliveries to truly instant answers. To deliver exceptional experiences and stay ahead of changing expectations, Oracle embarked on an end-to-end transformation using the same tools, and the same public cloud we offer our customers. Now Oracle marketing, sales, and service use Oracle CX to deliver better experiences for customers across the relationship.

Unified data and personalized interactions

Our goal was to make every interaction exceptional. We brought together data from marketing, sales, and service to create a single, dynamic view of our customers, empowering anyone who interacts with them to have all the info they need. We also utilized Oracle Cloud’s built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence to personalize real-time interactions with customers on the web and through chat.

We’ve enabled the sales reps and the solution engineers with a real-time collaboration tool by leveraging the combined power of the sales and service capabilities within the CX platform. We’ve empowered them with information that makes them more effective and eliminated 90% of the time spent on duplicate data entry.

Jennifer Birk Executive Vice President of Operations, Oracle

Our framework for exceptional customer experience

We rebuilt marketing, sales, and service with a transformation framework that lets us continually improve experiences and operations using four key themes:



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Our single customer database gives us a holistic view of customers. During discovery, they see personalized content on the channels they use—no sifting through information that’s not relevant to them. We removed approval cycles, simplified agreements, and make sure a single team handles the buying experience from start to finish. When it’s time to launch, sales and solution engineers can easily collaborate and make customers more successful, faster.


Marketers now have intuitive, self-service tools to create, execute, and refine campaigns quickly. They use predictive intelligence to identify the best accounts and build audience segments—and can see all of the interactions that customers have had with us. Adaptive campaign flows change with customer behavior. We also empowered sales teams to improve interactions. Pre-approved contract options make the process faster, in-app learning and chat helps them answer customer concerns faster. Solutions engineers can use the customer data to help them be more successful during pre-ownership and after purchase.


Improved customer experience is about letting the customer control what they see—and offering them the tools to achieve success. We provide deep, personalized and relevant experiences and show them the right products and services for their competitive landscape.


From end-to-end Oracle CX to delivers an “always on” customer experience that is predictive, proactive, and personalized. With continuous updates, we're able to embrace dynamic change and continuously reimagine the experience we deliver based on feedback, analysis, and technology innovation. With Oracle automation and machine learning, we're maximizing efficiency, effectiveness, and making the smartest decisions automatically. The result for our customers is a helpful, delightful experience.


We’ve achieved a significant return on investment with Oracle CX, shortening lead time, reducing work, and doubling our lead conversions.


  • Reduced campaign execution lead time from 4 weeks to 5 days


  • Fully automated 90% of all cloud transactions
  • 95% customer interactions are auto-logged
  • 85% reduction in research time
  • 2x improvement in lead conversion


  • 90% time saved on data entry
  • 85% reduction in research time
  • 30% improved time to action

The benefits of using Oracle Cloud span our business

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