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Cloud Services

Designed for change

As IT leaders shift their focus toward digital transformation initiatives, the need for a different type of cloud emerges. A cloud that’s easier to use, more cost-effective to own, and simpler to manage. Oracle Cloud is the first cloud designed to deliver better performance, manageability, security, and efficiency for any workload and application, so your business can spend less time managing IT and more time innovating.

Cloud services video

Oracle customers take on transformation with OCI (1:50)

Top 5 Cloud Security Trends report 8 questions to ask your cloud provider

Make a more informed decision before starting your next cloud project.

Stories from the Cloud podcast Stories from the Cloud podcast

Accenture’s Julian Dontcheff discusses using automation to harness data, driving agility and innovation.

Top 5 Cloud Security Trends report Top 5 cloud security trends report

How IT leaders can pivot to keep their organization more secure.

Solutions for moving to a high-performance cloud, modernizing data management, cloud security, and more

Move to Oracle Cloud

Migrate Custom and Third-Party Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure video
Migrate Custom and Third-Party Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (2:40)

Moving to Oracle Cloud allows your business to run better. You’ll arrive at an environment that offers a security-first architecture for the full stack of applications, data, and infrastructure. You’ll get flexible, low and predictable pricing across all regions and services, and you’ll see high performance with reliability and scalability. When Cisco Systems moved its data center analytics platform to Oracle Cloud, it achieved 60X performance improvement compared to other cloud providers. Discover how you can quickly achieve advanced levels of automation by shifting workloads to Oracle Cloud.

Move to a modernized cloud

Modernize data platforms

Migrate Custom and Third-Party Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure video
Freedom From Complex Infrastructure with Strategic Data (2:28)

IT teams play a pivotal role in empowering and enabling business workers by giving them access to secure data to improve their decision making and productivity in a rapidly changing environment. By moving to Oracle Cloud, you can easily set up departmental or enterprise-wide data warehouse and give business workers access to real-time, accurate data insights.

Oracle Data Management

Secure your cloud

Oracle Cloud security overview video
Oracle Cloud Security First (0:29)

Oracle adopts a no-compromise approach to cybersecurity that is architected-in, with simple to use tools that strengthen your security posture and reduce risk. In addition, Oracle security is automated and always-on by default to reduce complexity, prevent human error, and lower costs. Keep your business protected with continuous protection from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Learn about Oracle’s security-first approach

Optimize and innovate

Oracle Cloud provides a broad set of complementary tools that enables developers to build and run a wide range of applications and services in a hosted environment. With high-performance computing power and real-time elasticity, your technical team has the tools to better innovate with meaningful, exciting changes.

Resources for your developers and IT staff

Modernize your infrastructure

The way we work and do business has irreversibly changed, and organizations must modernize their infrastructure or risk falling behind. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Cloud@Customer, and on-premises deployment options enable customers to modernize database infrastructure, move enterprise applications to the cloud, and rapidly implement digital transformations.

Start your infrastructure modernization journey today

The Oracle Cloud difference

Take on transformation with the cloud that's easier to use, more cost-effective to own, and simpler to manage.

Automated data platforms 68%

more efficient DBAs1

Automated security tasks up to 55%

reduction in security administration costs2

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Oracle Cloud Services customer successes

Discover how our customers use Oracle Cloud Services in their lines of business.

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National Grid Analyzes Weather 40% Better on Oracle Cloud

Thought leadership

Designed for relentless innovation

In today’s environment, everyone in IT needs to be focused on driving innovation. It’s time for a more intelligent cloud with built-in automation that furthers your data strategy, so IT can focus on building innovations that differentiate your customer solution, grow market share, and improve profitability.

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