Bionexo optimizes healthcare supply chain on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The Brazilian technology provider reduces downtime, improves availability, and strengthens data security with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Since we moved our database and supply chain optimization applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we deliver a much more robust processing capability to our clients. It was the most effective mode to make a leap in performance and availability.

André CeronInfrastructure and Information Security Manager, Bionexo

Business challenges

Bionexo is a Brazilian technology company that optimizes supply management and logistics for healthcare facilities, serving more than 15,000 hospitals, private clinics, medical practices, and health insurance companies in Central and South America.

Using AI-fueled algorithms, Bionexo aims to help customers prevent supply shortages and optimize costs at scale. Its core application improves the flow of healthcare supplies, ensuring that every acquisition is delivered on time, in compliance with legal regulations, and priced under the given market conditions. On average, Bionexo’s services enable hospitals to save between 30% and 40% on supplies.

One of Bionexo’s main priorities was to increase the availability of its IT infrastructure, which was based on on-premises servers with MySQL and other open source databases. For its core application, Bionexo was using a custom configuration with application data stored in two hybrid clouds. This fragmentation impacted the overall availability of the company’s services.

Furthermore, Bionexo needed to improve its security posture to prevent disruptive cyberattacks and better protect the sensitive supply chain data that its services rely on.

Oracle's innovation team has supported Bionexo in the process of transforming and modernizing our solutions.

André CeronInfrastructure and Information Security Manager, Bionexo

Why Bionexo chose Oracle

Bionexo selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to unify its IT infrastructure and applications in the cloud. The company determined that OCI met its strategic pillars of performance, availability, security, and manageability.


By moving its database and supply chain optimization applications to OCI with Enterprise Database Service, Bionexo substantially reduced application downtime, increasing system availability from one-nine (98.34%) to three-nines (99.97%).

The lift and shift to OCI also enabled Bionexo to lower total cost of ownership of its IT environment. In two months, the company cut IT-related costs by 40% with OCI’s pay-per-use model.

The recovery time of Bionexo’s databases was also dramatically reduced, from 138 minutes with on-premises infrastructure to just 7 minutes on OCI. Downtime has become minimal and is now a scheduled event, with no negative impacts on the workflows of Bionexo ecosystem members.

Bionexo’s clients have also benefited from improved performance, with services running 68% faster on OCI as compared to on-premises.

Meanwhile, OCI has also provided Bionexo with built-in security down to the core layer of its applications. The sensitive data that the company handles—transactional, analytical, or statistical data, including supplies ordered, prices, and order frequency—are now protected with the highest security standards, making it inaccessible to potentially disruptive attacks.

The improved performance, reduced downtime, and strengthened security of the new OCI-based Bionexo system also offers a greater degree of infrastructure manageability. Regardless of potential spikes in the number of users, the Bionexo ecosystem now has a more elastic scaling capacity and greater flexibility without sacrificing performance.


Bionexo worked with two Oracle Certified Partners, Furushima IT LTDA and Oracle Cloud Lift Services, to move its databases and supply chain optimization applications to OCI.

Gepubliceerd:March 31, 2022