Bata India doubles labor productivity with Oracle Cloud

India’s largest footwear manufacturer and retailer transforms warehouse operations with Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud.


Productivity of the warehouse has definitely increased, because we have clear visibility of inventory in the warehouse right now. So, the picking and inventory accuracy, as a result, has also gone up.

Raman KrishnamoorthyVice President of IT, Bata India

Business challenges

Incorporated in 1931, Bata India has a vast network of over 1,375 stores to cater to millions of retail buyers and wholesalers.

Bata India’s legacy in-house warehouse management system lacked accuracy and was unable to meet the growing demands of increasing inventory. The company needed a more connected digital supply network with integrated POS and warehouse management for increased flexibility, visibility, and transparency.

In addition, each of Bata India’s retail distribution centers had its own warehouse management solution with no centralized system to ensure visibility and facilitate communication between different distribution centers. The company needed dynamic warehousing capabilities to meet lead time demands, more effectively execute daily operations, and deal with the increasing complexity of warehouse processes and functions.

We are sending almost error-free shipments. We have achieved almost 100% accuracy in terms of dispatches. We don’t see any return due to inaccuracy in dispatches.

Nikkoo DahiyaHead, Supply Chain, Bata India

Why Bata India chose Oracle

Bata India evaluated a variety of on-premises solutions and realized that a cloud-based environment would ensure maximum availability, improve accuracy, and boost customer satisfaction.

Bata India chose Oracle Warehouse Management, part of the Oracle Cloud SCM suite of applications, to transform its warehousing operations. The company recognized Oracle’s commitment to helping its customers gain exciting new opportunities and increase asset utilization.


Oracle Warehouse Management has brought about wide-ranging improvements in the productivity and accuracy of warehouse operations at Bata India, including a 17% increase in stock availability, a 51% increase in shoe inventory at retail stores, and 99.9% inventory accuracy. The company has also reduced labor costs and optimized space utilization, while management has gained real-time visibility into warehouse activity, worker locations, and performance metrics.

Meanwhile, labor productivity has doubled at Bata India—from 400 to 500 pairs of shoes per day to 1,000 pairs of shoes per person per day—driven by high system accuracy, improved processes, and certainty of stock locations. In addition, Oracle Warehouse Management provides Bata India warehouse workers and supervisors with productivity tools and real-time process monitoring capabilities for a better customer experience.

The company is now enjoying the full benefits of the cloud, such as scalability, cost-effectiveness, and security. As a full SaaS solution, Oracle Warehouse Management eliminates the need for software and hardware updates, while delivering the benefits of the latest releases, automatic updates, and automated security and compliance.


Bata India selected Gaea, a long-standing Oracle partner with expertise in project management and supply chain, as its implementation partner.

Gepubliceerd:April 1, 2022