Corona de la Costa cuts accounting close time by 60% with Oracle Cloud ERP

The Mexican beverage distributor modernizes its business processes and reduces administrative costs with Oracle Cloud ERP.


The implementation of Oracle Cloud ERP has allowed people to work more in their core business, with a tremendous impact even on our employees’ working and personal hours.

Rodrigo LópezFinance Manager, Corona de la Costa


Business challenges

Founded in 1967, Corona de la Costa is a Mexico-based beverage distributor that generates over US$80 million in annual sales revenue. It currently has three store models, offering drinks, food, groceries, and digital services. As part of its commitment to excellence and innovation, Corona de la Costa incorporates technology into business processes and throughout its value chain, from sales to delivery. 

With the onset of the pandemic, Corona de la Costa increased its focus on digital goods and services, adding phone, entertainment, and electronic payment services to its portfolio. However, a key challenge for the company was its ability to offer customers a wide range of services while also guaranteeing security in each of their transactions.

Likewise, due to the expansion of the business, the company required an ERP system that would enable more control over workflows and ensure that processes supported its business requirements. Corona de la Costa decided to embark on a journey to find an ERP system that could integrate its business information and work processes for a single view of operations.

Oracle Cloud ERP has enabled us to identify and reduce costs related to sales and administration allowing us to offer competitive prices without sacrificing profitability.

Rodrigo LópezFinance Manager, Corona de la Costa

Why Corona de la Costa chose Oracle

After evaluating systems from several vendors, Corona de la Costa decided that Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) best met the organization's expectations for strengthening each of its business requirements. Additionally, having a cloud-based ERP system instead of on-premises meant the company could avoid spending on costly infrastructure, servers, workstations, and maintenance. Finally, having access to the latest software releases in the cloud ensures that the system would not become outdated in a short amount of time.


Since implementing Oracle Cloud ERP, Corona de la Costa has realized the benefits of integrated business processes and suites.

The company’s month-end close times were reduced by 60% and the delivery of financial statements went from 12 days to 5. Meanwhile, the organization managed to eliminate small expenses by having greater control over its processes, which ultimately led to more savings. In addition, Corona de la Costa was able to increase its profitability by roughly 35%.

Corona de la Costa also saw improvements to bank consolidations. Previously, it took several people six to seven hours to manage store, credit card, and cash delivery operations. With Oracle Cloud ERP, these same activities can be carried out by a single person in under two hours, translating into a 70% improvement and cost savings per hour of work.

Initially, there was some resistance to change on the part of its employees; however, Corona de la Costa was able to plan managerial and operational needs with the advantage of reducing extended working hours. Everyone knew what their role was and could make better use of their time.


Corona de la Costa chose Sero Consulting for the implementation.

Gepubliceerd:8 april 2022