Dow Jones’s B2B marketing team drives more revenue using Oracle

The business and financial news company depends on Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation as it focuses the market.


Oracle Eloqua is the magic linchpin for all of our B2B marketing efforts.

Hannah KranichDirector of Demand Generation, Dow Jones

Business challenges

Dow Jones has historically been a source of vital data to its customers, delivered through tenacious journalism and high-quality research.

Since 1882, Dow Jones has been the source of truth for decision-makers in business, finance, and life. Generating $1.6 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2020, the News Corp subsidiary publishes The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and MarketWatch. It also offers a growing suite of B2B products and services, built on high-quality data, including Factiva, Risk & Compliance, and Dow Jones Newswires.

Three years ago, Dow Jones’s B2B division made the shift to a significantly more data-driven marketing approach. It also expanded its marketing team, and charted a new direction focusing on revenue generation, customer experience (CX), sales enablement, and influencing the direction of the business.

Partnering with the sales team became a priority, as Dow Jones adopted the philosophy that great marketers need to understand the sales organization and its needs thoroughly, going beyond lead generation to influence the entire customer experience lifecycle

Dow Jones needed technology that would power its marketing transition, including making sure marketing and sales tools were compatible. Additionally, the company wanted to avoid bottlenecks by streamlining its range of technologies.

With Eloqua as our tech integration hub and foundation, we know we can focus on bringing our story and solution value to life for prospects and customers.

Hannah KranichDirector of Demand Generation, Dow Jones

Why Dow Jones Chose Oracle

Dow Jones uses Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation to provide essential integration between its marketing and sales technologies—scoring leads, sending customer mail, ensuring clean data, and making sure that the right customer marketing permissions are in place. Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation functions in the background, leaving Dow Jones marketers free to focus on adding the essential creative elements required to actually make marketing work.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation integrates with more than a dozen other of Dow Jones’s applications, including Salesforce for CRM, D&B Lattice, and Uberflip and NewsCred for optimizing content ROI by tracking buyer journeys. Eloqua also integrates with LinkedIn to enable autofill on forms, among other features.


Using Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation, Dow Jones’s B2B marketing team has been able to grow its marketing-originated revenue by 14% year over year, and improve marketing-influenced campaign revenue by 57%, according to internal metrics.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation was central to a marketing technology overhaul at Dow Jones, which included integrating Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation with the right technologies to enable marketing and sales collaboration. The company took advantage of Oracle Eloqua’s lead scoring models and CRM integrations to establish custom “nurture paths”—or personalized marketing campaigns—to give prospects the right information at the right time to accelerate the sales cycle. Dow Jones developed 12 new nurture paths across three businesses.

During a one-year transformation, the B2B marketing team doubled the number of forms created, improved forms’ conversion rates by 73%, and increased the number of email marketing campaigns by 36%. The sales team uses Profiler, an Oracle Eloqua sales tool, to present valuable information about contacts in rich format embedded in the sales team’s Salesforce workflow.

Dow Jones has evolved into a modern marketing machine that drives awareness, captures leads, increases engagement, and creates a deeper relationship with sales, which is generating more revenue.


Dow Jones worked with certified Oracle Marketing consultants Relationship One, which provided knowledgeable advice about email preference center creation, Uberflip on brand and customization work, and updated Salesforce integration.

Gepubliceerd:April 9, 2021