SantaPark Arctic World drives growth and guest satisfaction with Oracle

SantaPark Arctic World grows operations and ensures successful expansion by consolidating all activities with Oracle Cloud.

SantaPark Arctic World offers a variety of Christmas-themed experiences, as well as nature experiences, in the heart of the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Finland. The resort boasts a Santa Claus theme park known as SantaPark, where you can enjoy Elf School, Gingerbread Kitchen, Magic Train Ride, Ice Princess Ice Gallery, Santa’s Post Office, and more, but also dine at the Santa Claus Secret Forest-Joulukka, Arctic Forest Spa-Metsäkyly, and other themed restaurants. The latest addition is the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel. With spectacular views over the treetops, the resort offers an exclusive combination of local tradition, Lappish heritage, and modern Nordic design. It was recently awarded by The Worldwide Hospitality Awards in Paris, France, for Best Hotel Innovation, as well as by the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

With its increased volume of guests and the planned opening of additional hotels, the company recognized the need for a powerful, cloud-based hospitality platform, which would be flexible enough to manage all its attractions while ensuring exceptional service and integrating the operations of its hotel and all theme park activities on a single platform.


Oracle Hospitality Cloud helps us oversee the luxury experiences of our guests on a single platform, whether they are visiting Santa Claus Secret Forest, enjoying Finnish sauna experiences or eating in one of our themed restaurants. Its comprehensive reporting allows us to comfortably manage our growth, supporting SantaPark Arctic World’s goal to be the leading resort in Finland by 2020.

Katja Ikäheimo-LänkinenExperience Director, SantaPark Arctic World

Business challenges

Consolidate management of a variety of multi-located, themed attractions—including SantaPark, Santa Claus Secret Forest-Joulukka, Arctic Forest Spa-Metsäkyly, and Arctic TreeHouse Hotel—on a unified platform to provide guests with a unique and personalized holiday experience

Facilitate rapid business growth to cater to the increasing number of guests—necessitating the expansion of Christmas attractions and the building of new hotel suites—by deploying a hospitality management tool within a few months

Implement a point-of-sale (POS) solution for all 21 terminals throughout the theme park complex and integrate with a property management system (PMS) for a new luxury hotel, while ensuring IT systems are easy to adopt and maintain

Deliver a comprehensive reporting tool to enable analysis of a variety of metrics critical for business growth—including overall guest behaviors and their seasonal preferences, as well as the performance of sales, customer service, and front-desk employees

After reviewing a variety of offers from different companies, we realized that only Oracle could provide a single cloud platform with the flexibility to cater to the uniquely varied blend of guest attractions we offer. After seeing its capabilities, we made the decision and we are confident it will help us meet and exceed our guests’ needs.

Katja Ikäheimo-LänkinenExperience Director, SantaPark Arctic World


Drove business growth for a range of Christmas attractions—from the existing theme park to opening and continuing expansion of the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel—while ensuring that each guest receives first-class customer service by deploying and consolidating all operational activities on Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Standard Cloud Service and Oracle Hospitality Simphony Standard Cloud Service

Ensured that all guests receive high-quality, unique, and personalized experiences, thanks to the flexibility of Oracle Hospitality Cloud integrating a wide variety of themed attractions on a single cloud system—including restaurants, hotel, artic forest spa, theme park, and, and Santa Claus Secret Forest-Joulukka attraction.

Reduced complexity of IT infrastructure for hotel and amusement park operations by integrating a PMS and a POS solution for 21 terminals on a single cloud platform, avoiding the need for an IT department and enabling SantaPark to dedicate all staff resources to enhancing the guest experience

Delivered a variety of reports—for example, the productivity of sales and customer service staff and guest use of amenities or recreational activities—providing critical, detailed insight to management and owners as the business continues to rapidly grow 

Minimized time to value, thanks to Oracle Cloud’s simplicity of deployment, ease of use, and intuitive interface, enabling SantaPark to dedicate more time to developing its hotel business—for example, opening a new hotel and 20 new suites within the next year

Enabled SantaPark to move smoothly and rapidly into its new hotel business by implementing Oracle Cloud Platform with standardized business rules and built-in hotel industry best practices, empowering the company to offer all guests a more complete Christmas-themed holiday experience

Ensured deployment within just three months and subsequent rapid adoption by using Oracle Consulting and an Oracle Customer Success Manager to conduct the implementation 

Gepubliceerd:March 1, 2018