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What is display advertising? It’s the use of search, website behavior, and transactional data as the means to create a personalized display ad experience.

Personalized Your Display Ad

Not all that long ago display advertising seemed to be headed on the same path as telemarketing. Its demise was being predicted from sea to shining sea. Banner ads, as they were once referred to, were dead in the water.

And why? Because they simply had run their course. They were the complete opposite of targeting.

Essentially marketers had to hope and pray that someone would click on the ads they were responsible for placing.

But something happened on the way to the marketing technology recycling center. Someone had the brilliant idea to use data like Digital Body Language as a means to create a personalized display ad experience.

And Google was right there to help by selling ad space based on what consumers were searching on by launching the Google AdWords program. Marketers and advertisers could pay a price and in turn put their brand front and center via a display ad at the precise time those same consumers were looking for them.

However, the problem eventually became one of size and scope.

Programmatic Ad Buying

With more and more consumers going online, the more problematic it became to manage all the data that was available. From ad exchanges to ad servers to retargeting companies, it was readily apparent that the tracking and attribution of Display Advertising was next to impossible.

Today there is programmatic ad buying which connects marketers and publishers/site owners with their target audiences via online auctions of Display Advertising space. All this is done in real time and includes the tracking and sales verification of every display ad.

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