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Reimagine customer service by automating the advice and decision-making process. Quickly respond to market changes and emerging opportunities. Deliver personalized and transparent advice at any point during the customer journey. Oracle Intelligent Advisor is a powerful decision-automation solution that lets business users create the rules, so each customer gets the right advice and your contact center agents can deliver truly personalized service.

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide use it to determine real-time advice for benefits eligibility, customer onboarding, tax calculations, HR entitlements, education course credits, license and permit eligibility, insurance premiums, and more. With Oracle Intelligent Advisor, you can respond to regulatory and policy changes in days instead of months, increasing customers' trust in your decisions and advice

Using Intelligent Advisor, public sector organizations and commercial businesses have been able to reduce the number of queries and appeals by clearly explaining how each decision is made. Every person who inquires receives an explanation outlining why or why not they can receive a benefit, loan, etc. These decisions are based on the rules and policies you've established to determine eligibility. You can also quickly redesign those pricing or eligibility rules to differentiate product and service offerings.

personalized customer service experience
With Oracle Intelligent Advisor, you can adapt quickly while tracking each step in the customer’s journey.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor—Solution suite

  • Personalized and dynamic interviews created to gather information and streamline web-based advice for customers and service agents
  • Authoring experiences designed so that policy experts can create interactive interviews or decision services
  • A management console for tracking and deploying policy versions as integrated interviews or web services
  • APIs, frameworks, and SDKs for integrating policies and interviews into other applications (digital assistant/chatbots) and processes

How Intelligent Advisor is being used

Public sector organizations typically use Oracle Intelligent Advisor for benefit eligibility, benefit calculations, visa processing, anonymous tax guidance, grant applications, pension entitlements, and self-service council services.

Commercial organizations usually deploy Oracle Intelligent Advisor for financial advice, insurance calculations, call center streaming, service-request logging and triage, workplace inspections, and employee HR advice.

Intelligent Advisor provides:


Personalized, intuitive advice

Customers get personalized advice tailored to their unique situations. Oracle Intelligent Advisor interviews understand which policies apply to a customer based on that person's particular circumstances.


Greater agility

Get to market faster and become more responsive by using Intelligent Advisor to automate advice and decision-making.


Consistency across customer service channels

From a centrally managed repository of natural language rule documents that align with source legislation and policy material, you can deliver consistent cross-channel advice/guidance decisions through self-service channels, your call center, and your business partners.


Additional transparency resulting in fewer queries

Generate documents that record and explain decisions so that people easily understand why they may not be eligible for a product or service and reduce the number of follow-on in terms of queries and appeals.


Analytics to assess impact

Use what-if analysis to assess the impact of proposed legislation and regulatory and policy changes on customers/constituents. Understanding which policies are used enables better policies to be written, potentially removing redundancy. Public sector and commercial organizations can deliver streamlined service capabilities, boosting productivity and improving policy quality.



Prove that all advice and decisions are compliant using automated audit reports, which can be saved automatically in Oracle Service or on an external system.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor—capabilities overview

  • Self-service advice. Empower customers to self-serve for simple and complex requests.
  • Agent guidance. Ensure agents provide consistent, personalized advice and decisions—across all channels, in any language.
  • Advice authoring. Configure powerful advice experiences without a programming background.
  • Advice analytics. Optimize experiences with by channel interview and decision analytics.
  • Decision services. Easily automate decisions and complex calculations within service workflows and batch processes.
  • Decision compliance. Transparently record and explain the advice given and the decisions made, ensuring compliance with company policies.

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