Data Management for Financial Services

Oracle’s data management solution integrates cloud database, analytics, and data integration services that enable financial services firms to develop deeper business insights and operate more efficiently. Oracle solutions allow customers to rapidly create financial applications, manage high-volume transactions, and analyze data in real-time for personalized banking, fraud detection, and process optimization. Built-in security capabilities and the ability to deploy cloud solutions in customer data centers accelerate the movement of financial services workloads to the cloud while meeting regulatory requirements for data sovereignty and security.

Improve financial services data management

Learn why 9 out of 10 of the world's largest financial services firms run crucial applications and customer analytics with Exadata Cloud.

Reimagine the data-driven bank

See how Oracle provides financial services firms with autonomous, secure, and cost-effective cloud solutions in OCI and customer data centers.

An inflection point for financial services

Understand why Deutsche Bank is moving thousands of Oracle databases and 40 petabytes of data to Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Financial services customers succeed with Oracle’s data management solution

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Database services

  • Autonomous Database

    A fully automated database service on Exadata Cloud infrastructure.

    Develop new data management applications and reduce administration.

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  • Exadata Database Service

    A scalable, high-performance, Oracle Database service on dedicated infrastructure.

    Run mission-critical enterprise applications and consolidate databases.

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  • Exadata Cloud@Customer

    Oracle managed Exadata infrastructure delivered as a cloud service in customer data centers.

    Run Exadata Database and Autonomous Database cloud services while maintaining data sovereignty, security, and low latency.

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  • Enterprise and Standard Database Services

    Virtual machine-based Oracle Database Services on shared infrastructure.

    Run enterprise and departmental applications on cost-effective platforms.

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  • MySQL HeatWave

    An automated and fully managed open source database with the HeatWave in-memory query accelerator.

    Deliver higher OLTP and OLAP performance at a fraction of the cost of other services.

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  • Object Storage

    Scalable, high-performance storage for any type of data with built-in security and redundancy.

    Securely store any type of data in its native format and analyze it in data lakes and lakehouse environments.

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Oracle Data Management for Financial Services

With Oracle, financial services firms can easily integrate data from different sources and analyze it in real time using advanced analytics and machine learning. These capabilities allow them to personalize experiences, reduce risk, and operate more efficiently. As a result, they can deliver a wide range of industry-specific services, including next-best offers, self-service risk assessment, fraud detection, anomaly detection, and back-office automation.

Any data source: ATMs, business transactions, market data, customer data, social media, banking applications, risk management software, human resources data, etc.
Any processing: Transaction processing; data warehousing, data lakes and lakehouses; business, graph, and spatial analytics; low-code application development; real-time data loading and processing; data integration and replication; machine learning and data science; availability, security, and data protection, etc.
Any Financial Services use case: Personalized finance, next-best offers, risk assessments, performance management, compliance reporting, fraud detection, marketing and business development, robotic process automation, back-office optimization.

Maximize the value of all your data, both in the cloud and on-premises

Build a strategic data platform

Oracle enables financial services firms to build mission-critical data platforms (PDF) that integrate data from any source and in any format. Organizations turn data into a strategic resource by eliminating data silos and creating an efficient data platform that unifies information from core banking, risk management, markets, customers, social media, and other sources.

Oracle Autonomous Database: Automated complete lifecycle management for all your data

HeatWave: in-memory query accelerator for both OLTP and OLAP workloads

Manage operational and business risk

Built-in security and data protection capabilities help financial services firms protect crucial data from theft, loss, and ransomware. Integrated graph algorithms and automated machine learning enable organizations to better detect fraud and money laundering to reduce business risk.

Oracle Autonomous Database: The industry’s first self-securing database (PDF)

Fraud Detection with Oracle Autonomous Database (1:06)

Deliver superior customer experiences

Financial services firms create data lakes, data warehouses, and lakehouses in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that automatically consolidate massive amounts of data from a variety of sources. Organizations analyze aggregated data with advanced analytics, machine learning, and data science to better understand and fulfill customer needs. Combining this knowledge with rapid, reliable, and secure delivery of personalized offerings enhances customer satisfaction.

Better segmentation with Oracle spatial, mapping, and location analytics

Simplify enterprise data infrastructure and accelerates innovation with a lakehouse in OCI

Save time and money

Oracle Autonomous Database combined with Oracle Exadata infrastructure form the most complete, flexible, and automated cloud database platform. Financial services firms can use the same high-performance cloud service for all their data management needs and lower costs with automated consumption scaling, efficient consolidation, and reduced administration.

Increases financial services insight and agility with Exadata Cloud (PDF)

Modernize your enterprise data warehouse

Accelerate insights with real-time analytics

Oracle’s data management platform supports a wide variety of analytic workloads (PDF) from fraud detection to resource planning using data lakes, data warehouses, and lakehouses. By integrating existing enterprise applications and new cloud native deployments, financial services firms can run analytics on transactional data in real time to shorten time to insight.

Build and evaluate higher-quality ML models with Oracle’s data science

Model and understand relationships with Oracle Graph database and analytics

Simplify compliance

Oracle’s data management platform integrates advanced security and data protection capabilities. Running Autonomous Database and Exadata Database on optimized Cloud@Customer infrastructure enables organizations to benefit from cloud automation and economics while helping to meet a wide range of industry and regulatory requirements, including data sovereignty and security in their data centers.

Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer for Banking (PDF)

NRI Japan achieves agility and seamless expansion with Oracle dedicated region cloud @customer (1:34)

"It is now clearer than ever that Oracle remains a strategic partner for banks for the next decade and beyond. A platform such as Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, which allows for consolidation of databases (one of the many benefits of Exadata Cloud Service on-premises) and opens later migration options to the public cloud, is a very attractive strategy for banks."

Holger Mueller

Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

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