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Solutions for Retail

Delivering connected CPG experiences for an agile finance organization

Omnichannel consumer insight that goes beyond product delivery to ensure meaningful, personalized buyer engagement.

Oracle Cloud HCM Virtual Summits

Add value to the purchase experience

The buyer cycle is more complicated and nuanced than it ever has been. It’s no longer about specialising in online, in-store, or over the phone because consumers expect their brands to be there for them when and wherever they happen to be.

Equally as important is ensuring the right level of connectivity between your people, your suppliers, and ultimately your consumers, with the right information and tools to do their job most effectively and profitably.

Data connectivity, highly intelligent and seamlessly embedded, is key. From the back-office to the shop-floor, FMCGs must be able to deliver insight-rich, personalized user experiences that meet current consumer demands and can flex to future needs as well.

Retail’s Digital Finance Leaders

Today’s customers expect connected, personalized experiences across sales and service channels. To deliver, retailers—and their finance teams—must adopt a digital-first mindset.

Blockchain and IoT: A Dynamic Duo

The Savvy Retailer’s approach to Supply Chain traceability, visibility and trust for consumer goods.

4 Reasons Why a Customer-Centric Supply Chain Begins in the Cloud

To stay competitive, product-centric companies need to consistently deliver a fast, flexible, and fully transparent fulfillment process that adapts to individual preferences.

Trends in Retail

Digital Innovation

Connect online and offline channels to empower customers and offer them the retail choices they crave.

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Agile Operations

Streamline and optimise back-office processes and systems to deliver a more engaging, efficient customer experience that keeps customers coming back.

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Leveraging Data

Connect data you have on customers and products, to unlock new insights on customer satisfaction and financial performance improvements.

Read about retail data

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